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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cabut Gigi On CNY Eve

Dari minggu lepas my tooth was aching. But it's still bearable so I kept the pain to myself. From 4am this morning I was in pain. I can't sleep as the aching was too painful. I wanted to sleep so bad in hope that the pain subside but it was just impossible to do so. I was up and tried to look for some pain killers.....I have to do it quietly in a dimly lighted room as not to wake up the kids who was sleeping with me. MP slept in Yna's room and I went into the room to get some water in the mini fridge. He woke up and asked me why was I up? Told him that I needed to take a pain killer coz am having a tooth ache. After a while , pain killer didn't work. I was still tossing left & right trying to get some sleep till it's finally time for me to perform the solat Subuh..........

Morning comes and I was still in pain. The tooth ache just won't go away. MP told me to gargle with some warm salt water. A relief finally but the pain came back after a while. I wanted to pull the teeth out but I was too afraid to go to just any dentist but my own dentist that I'm really comfortable with. Unfortunately , his clinic's close today plus......he is one busy dentist! Few days ahead is needed to get an appointment with him. But he is very good. I'm afraid of dentist. Don't know why but since I was very young , in my teens till now........I'm so afraid of dentist. When I found Dr Menjit Singh of Ukay Dental in Ampang since my school days , that's it.....I never look elsewhere.

The idea of going to see a dentist always terrifies me. Takut sangat-sangat! But with Dr Menjit Singh , I was not afraid at all. No worries , nothing. He made me feel very relaxed & calmed. *just like me with my other doc....hehehe!* So today , MP told me to go and see his dentist at Bukit Antarabangsa since I complained that I was in so much pain. I was reluctant......scared is more like it. MP couldn't understand why I was being so childish about going to see a dentist and I had to explain to him that seeing a dentist is one of my greatest fears...........huhuhu!

Fast forward , the pain was unbearable for me to take so I gathered up my courage and asked MP to make that call to fix an appointment with his dentist. I was lucky coz it's almost lunch time and Dr Athi was about to leave for his lunch break but after talking to Dr Athi's nurse , the doc agreed to take me in. I drove myself quickly to the clinic and to get rid of my aching tooth!

Dr Athi took a look at my tooth and told me that it has to go , can't be save. It was my gigi bungsu he said.....whatever that means.........he gave me few jabs to make my gum numb before doing a dental surgery to pull my tooth out as the aching tooth was a firm one , tak de goyang-goyang ke apa.....Dr Athi was having a hard time pulling my tooth out because the tooth was situated far behind my upper jaw. Dr Athi had to cut parts of my aching tooth before he can even placed his teeth pulling gadgets near my aching tooth. He had to grab my head firmly with his arms and pull it with full force......hehehe! Scary yet funny at the same time. Finally after few attempts . It's out! No pain at all. Thank god.

My aching tooth..........

Same thing with MP........I balik je , nampak muka I dia tanya "how much?" , sabor je laa.......bukan nak tanya I dah ok ke tak......boring! Hiiiiiii.......macam-macam jadi kat I lately ni. Kuku tercabut lah , gigi kena cabut lah.....entah apa lagi yang nak kena cabut lepas ni.......tapi peeps........demi Dia , walaupun I rasa sakit sebelum dapat rawatan.....baik masa kes kuku hari tu & now my gigi matter even masa nak melahirkan Adriel yang tak cukup bulan tu pun , I swear that the process yang I kena lalui to make the pain go away was short & not painful at all. Alhamdulillah sangat-sangat. Baik masa surgery nak cabut kuku kaki & surgery nak cabut gigi geraham belakang belah atas ni , kelahiran Adriel............memang I takut coz I was alone , tak de nak manja-manja ada orang teman-kan but once am in the care of these doctors , I feel no pain. It was over in no time. Cabut gigi hari ni cost me RM450.

Few hours after my dental encounter , we went to Madam Lim's for an early dinner. I was very hungry coz I didn't eat anything from morning. Mulanya nak ajak my parents join dinner sekali tapi my mom demam pulak............

Ordered Claypot Tofu & Deep Fried Squid

Taugeh Ikan Masin - Fu Yong Egg - Sweet & Sour Fish

Teringat kat my late grandma.......kalau masa dia ada dulu , on CNY eve macam ni,,,,,,,mesti dah berkumpul ramai-ramai for makan besar. Even though she was a Muslim tapi she kept the makan besar tradition alive. Miss you Nek.

Yna tak nak makan nasi hari ni. Dia nak KFC. Doa dulu sebelum makan....good girl :-)

In the spirit of 1 Malaysia...........Happy Chinese New Year aaaaa.

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  1. Hai...did you know that Dr. Athi live near our house in BJ/ no 2.