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Friday, January 15, 2010

Yna Dah Mula Mengaji

Alhamdulillah.......dah selamat enroll Yna masuk kelas mengaji & pengajian agama Islam. I was told about this place by Kak Lizza last year lagi. I finally made that important call to enroll Yna last week.

Managed to squeeze my time to go and search for the religious books needed for Yna's classes at the Quran recital class. Sambil beli buku for Yna , sempat beli few religious books for myself. This new book by Tok Guru caught my eye. It's my first book this year. I also got myself a small Asma-Ul-Husna booklet. Kalau boleh nak make a point to zikir those selected asma at least 15 minutes daily. Busy macam mana pun , I'm sure that I can spare 15 minutes for myself to praise the name of Lord....ehhh....silap....silap......Allah.

See......we don't want that to happen. Just keep the word Lord in reference to God for the Bibble & Christians. Just keep the word Om, Krishna , Shiva & etc in reference to the Hindu Gods......Just keep the name Lord Buddha for the Buddhist........

What if we change it to.......Allah Jesus , Allah Krishna , Allah Shiva , Allah Buddha.........I don't think true Christians , true Hindus & true Buddhist are comfortable with the usage of the word Allah being used in their prayers & etc.,,,,,,,unless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there's a certain group of black hearted people with nasty hidden religious agendas & they wanna make those who has shallow faith in their original religion and trick these poor souls to their religion. Don't think of us. We might know the difference to detect which is Al-Quran & which is the Bible if the word Allah is being used in both Holy books but what about our children? What if someone gave Yna a bible with the word Allah in it? Will she know which is which? Wake a Muslim , we must fight for it. Breakage of 1 Malaysia *huhuhu!* is one story but most important , our aqidah is at stake. If you are a true Muslim , you will feel uneasy about it. Like I said , if not for us,,,,,,,,do it for our kids.

But....................don't la go and burn down churches & other worship places.......Islam never taught us to be violent. Never. Leave it to the police to catch the culprit who had cause chaos in our beautiful Malaysia. Bodoh punya orang. As a Muslim , selagi si bodoh-bodoh yang bakar gereja , yang rosakkan tempat-tempat ibadat di Malaysia kebelakangan ini belum ditangkap oleh pihak berkuasa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I refused to think & I cannot think that these stupid actions are done by my fellow Muslims. Allah Huakhbar!

Soooooooooooooooo,,,,,,,,back to my daughter and her kelas mengaji........hmmm.......another duty yang I dah tunaikan. Alhamdulillah.

Twice a week of Al-Quran recital class , belajar Jawi & pengajian Islam for Yna. To those yang duduk area Bukit Antarabangsa *kat Jalan Kelab Ukay* & nak hantar anak mengaji kat sini,,,,,it's a semi-D terrace , very clean , comfortable & safe. The fee is very reasonable. RM100 for a month , 4 kali kelas seminggu. Quran recital is one to one and not in a group. Each class is 2 hours. Classes starts at 4pm & habis pukul 6 petang. Just nice for Yna laa coz dia habis sekolah pukul 3 petang. If interested please call & speak to Ustazah Yus. Kelas Yna 2 kali seminggu so the fee will be RM50 only. After going for her mengaji class twice , Yna's very excited & when she comes home she'll start telling me stories of the prophets & what nots. Dalam kereta pun dok sibuk nak baca buku Iqraq. Hopefully she'll stay like that lah............

A note for me.........Adni Islamic School for Adriel.


  1. Alhamdulillah ... may yna wil discover the beauty of Islam
    n practice it religiously (pun intended)..

    Yes yes, I've mentioned b4 n wil mention again,
    hope the idea of sending Adriel to Islamic school
    will materialise, insyaAllah ..

    Best wishes, take care n God bless


  2. Salam Sis...