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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To The Family Of Arwah Dr. Haliza......

I received 2 comments left at my blog from Dr. Abdurrahim in Jakarta , a friend of the late Dr. Haliza.He just got to know about Dr. Haliza's death via my blog and would like to get in touch with Dr. Haliza's husband , Encik Ridzwan. If any of Dr. Haliza's family friends or family members reading this post , please extend Dr. Abdurrahim's wish to Dr. Haliza's husband. Thank you.

To Dr. Abdurrahim& family in Jakarta.........all of us here still misses dear Dr. Haliza. I still have Almarhumah Dr. Haliza's photos with my baby boy stored in my mobile phone.......I still can't let her go. Al-fatihah.

2 posts I wrote about Dr. Haliza....

Here's the 2 comments left by Dr. Abdurrahim :

Innalillahi wa inna Ilaihi Raji'un. Allah bless your soul. I and my family have considered her as our elder sister. Sometime I called her Akak (big sister)...hikkk..hikk..Akak! I just knew the news about you today (05/01/2010)from this blog after searching about you and your family at internet coz I fill missing you all. I'm sorry, I had lost your contact when my Cellular had lost a year ago. Although I'm your ustaz,yet you are my "Jembatan" without you I and my wife couldn't get our Ph.Ds from University Malaya.
Dear fellow readers, can you give an info/contact number of Dr. Haliza's Family, Her husband Pak Rizwan!
Salam Takziah dari Jakarta buat Abang Rizwan (suami Dr. Haliza) and her children: Linda, Imran and Ikhwan. Sooner I'll visit you in KL.
DR. Abdurrahim Yapono. +62 81574-199968.

I knew both of them coz I was theier ustaz for 4 years. Their Qur'anic recitation and Islamic understanding are well. They both like "Adik and kakak", I mean family. I always respect them both. I never think negatively to them. Allah accepteds their deeds and forgives them. Amin. I have to apologize to Mr. Rizwan coz i have lost their contact numbers in KL. If anybody knows Pak Rizwan (Almarhumah's Husband), plz inform me! Thx u. Alfatihah! DR. ABdurrahim Yapono, Jakarta: HP. +62-81574199968.

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