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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tea With MA @ Ampang Puteri

Just a short one........after fetching Yna from school and sending her to kelas mengaji , I joined my girlfriend MA aka Liza *also a St Marian's* at Ampang Puteri. I've got 2 hours to lepak before going to fetch Yna & check the studio & pick up Adriel at my parent's place. Liza had an appointment with my Dr. A this afternoon , masa I sampai dah nak dekat nak turn Liza. Tunggu dia kejap kat clinic Dr. A........Liza kena jumpa Dr. A in March , same as me..........Liza got a date 1 day after mine so I mintak Kak Ram sama kan date of our appointment. Yehaaa! Tak laa boring menunggu kat clinic tu March nanti.

Lepas dah selesai urusan Liza , we both headed to the cafe for tea. We shared a plate of Caesar's Salad , a bowl of Assam Laksa & a bottle of Esprit Passion Fruit Sparkling Water *my all time favourite*. Borak borak borak..............and finally time to go. While the jockey pergi ambil my car , met Kak Ram kat luar hospital. Dia kena pergi bank..........borak-borak lagi. Terkejut Kak Ram , dia ingatkan yang kitaorang ni dah balik benor dah.....tapi masih lagi ada kat hospital , macam rumah sendiri , suka hati bila nak datang & bila nak balik.......hehehe!

Rushed pergi ambil Yna and went straight to the studio. Lepak kejap then turun bawah to the Computer Klinik , nak buat name card. After am done , terus pergi ambil Adriel.........back home now. MP ada meeting malam ni , on the way naik bukit..........selisih dengan kereta MP.........Nasib baik........kalau tak sure kena bebel lagi. Biar lah dia simpan sampai esok.....hehehe!

A note for me : Tired but Rejuvenated *wink*

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