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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seeing My Dr. A

Owh! Yes! Am seeing my favourite gynae after 4 months. It was for my Implanon follow-up. On Saturday morning I received a call from Dr. Ashar's clinic telling me to come in the morning instead of coming in the afternoon coz katanya , Dr. A ada meeting. OK , sikda hal.

Over the weekend I received a comment left by M on my chatbox telling that Dr. A's mummy had met with an accident. I later sent text messages to Dr. A asking him how his mummy's doing. He replied telling that his mummy is recovering & etc lah.......Alhamdulillah.

The last time I was at Dr. A's clinic to send raya haji cookies , the clinic was under renovation. So am definitely going to visit Dr. A in his new refurbished clinic. Cool. Dr. A starts work on January 11th after taking a long 1 month break to NYC.

On Monday morning , January 11th,,,,,,,I sent Adriel to my parents before heading to Ampang Puteri. Walked into the clinic.............everything's in a brownish tone. decor , modern but felt very static. Boring. Not lively. I prefer the old clinic , feels more homely , comfortable & cosy. Owh! Well.......just my thought. Maybe coz I'm so used to the old clinic.

Once I got to know that the clinic's under renovation work last December , I went online and ordered a gift for the new refurbished clinic scheduled to be sent on the very morning of January 11th. While I was there , a guy from GiftLab came to deliver my heavy gift for Dr. A & his newly refurbished clinic. Ahhhhh.........perfect timing. What did I give him? Hmmmmm.........ada laaa......Was told that it's gonna be in his clinic. If you're there , you'll see it I hope. Something in bright blue............

Finally it was my turn to see Dr. A...........masuk je clinic baru ni I was like,,,,,,,mana doctor? Ahhhh........di sebalik dinding......hehehe! The room was small. Small for him was Dr. Jemilah's room before. His old room dah tak pakai lagi , perhaps ada new doctor will take over the space. Selama I jadi patient Dr. A.....rasanya cuma 2 kali I masuk bilik Dr. Jemilah ni. 1st time masa buat check-up with a substitute doctor in 2001 and the 2nd time masa nak ambil my blood pressure reading when I was pregnant in 2008. So it's gonna be visits to this new room from now on.

Good to see Dr. A........the first thing he did when I entered the room was to thank me for the text messages I sent to him the nite before regarding his mummy's well being. From the last time we met at his clinic,,,,,,,,,,I opened up to him of what's troubling me & discussed about it with an open mind. It's too private but we both understood the whole situation that am in. He gave his point of views and etc. Today , after he's convinced that my Implanon's OK ,*even though I still haven't got my period after 11 month of using Implanon* he asked me about what we talked about the last time and how it's progressing. Told him , it's 'ground zero'..........

Kak Murni came in with my gift for Dr. A.........told him if it's not suitable or no space for this 'cute' room of his , just give it to his boys. They'll know what to do with it.

I also had my 1st Cervical Cancer Vaccine shot today. It is to protect against the virus that causes almost all cervical cancers. My 2nd shot will be in 2 months time and the 3rd shot will be 4 months after that. The shot was given on my left arm and I can feel the needle piercing through. Terasa sakit sikit. Thankfully that I have my doctor's calm face to look at till he finishes giving me the shot......hehehe!

A note for me : There's told & untold...........happy.

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