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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quickies :This Week

Today is Thursday. I stayed home coz Adriel's not well. He didn't wanna eat but deman dah surut. Petang I pergi ambil Yna kat sekolah & sent her for kelas mengaji. Dari pagi my sick baby tak tidur , dalam pukul 5 petang baru dia nak tidur. By that time MP pun balik dari office , so I went to fetch Yna from kelas mengaji and stopped by Craven Cafe to tapau dinner.

Kat Craven Cafe jumpa Kak Lizza and her kids , they were about to have tea there. I pun join diaorang sambil tunggu Mee Goreng untuk MP siap. Yna decided to have an early dinner there.

Kak Lizza's sons having Milo Ice Tabur......nice. I had this Nasi Kuning. Not bad.

Yesterday , Wednesday........I had lunch with Kak Aida at Taiwan House , Ampang Point together with Yna. Then we made plans to go and watch a movie 'Adnan Sempit' at MBO Galaxy Ampang later in the afternoon. After lunch I pergi studio and went to buy movie tickets for the 7 of us. Me , Kak Aida & the kids.........The movie was hilarious.

After that we parted ways and I stopped by the weekly Pasar Malam at Taman Dagang. Lama betul tak datang sini. I nak cari baju kurung for Yna untuk buat mengaji......dah cari kat Jusco , ampang Point , Carrefour....tak jumpa. Kat pasar malam tu pun tak de. I ended up buying some fish , ulam & sayur kampung for my parents. Ambil Adik Mok & balik. Owh! sebelum tu singgah laundry kejap , hantar baju kotor anak-anak.

Malam bawak Adik Mok pergi klinik. Takut I sebab jantung dia laju sangat........

Previous Tuesday.......hmmmmm..........I didn't go anywhere coz Adriel mula tak sihat.

Last Monday , I had lunch with Kak Aida & kids kat Kelab Darul Ehsan. We were there to see the sales person , nak discuss & mintak quotation for our school's up and coming reunion. While waiting for Kak Aida , I checked out the members fees at KDE...........hmmmm.........nak cuba pujuk MP sign up for the membership lah...........kalau.........dia nak laa.......rasanya dia OK kot sebab dia pernah kata nak sign up for it dulu......tapi masa tu just me and him , so macam rugi pulak coz MP & me bukan kaki pergi-pergi kelab ni but now dah ada anak-anak , worth it laa kot coz we'll definitely make use of the facilities........entah lah.........tengok macamana........

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