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Friday, January 15, 2010

Quickies : Monday To Wednesday

Monday - January 11th

After seeing Dr. Ashar at his clinic today , I went to Galaxy Ampang.......meeting my girlfriend Datin Nita there. Rindu , lama tak jumpa dia. We had a quick lunch at My Choice Cafe. We have more or less 2 hours to chat before going off to pick up our kids at school. Sis Nita gave me some money to buy Yna's birthday present. She wanted me to buy anything that Yna sweet of her to have remembered. She said , a promise is a promise..........Thanx sis. Not many like you out there *wink*

Tuesday - January 12th

I Left Adriel with my parents and took Yna to Ampang Point for lunch after school.

We had lunch at Taiwan House. Asked MP to join us but he passed on it. Banyak kerja kat office. I had my favourite Glass Noodle with Dumpling Soup and Yna had her favourite Dry Chicken Noodle. A must here is the Honey Wings! Yummy....

2 types of pancakes , the ever crunchy Spring Onion & delicious Butter Pancakes for me & Yna.

Then it's time for Yna to spend the money given by her Auntie Nita. She bought few original DVD's...........kejap je duit dah habis!

Macam biasa........bila semua kerja dah selesai , I pergi ambil Adriel kat rumah my parents.

Earlier during the midday at home wished my dear Dr. A Happy Birthday. Dah tua katanya........No lah doc , baru 50 je *wink*

Wednesday - January 13th

Today's a hectic day. Home - Sent Adriel to Taman Dagang - Went to the studio - Fetch Yna from school - Hantar Yna ke kelas mengaji - Went to Carrefour to buy her agama books - Fetch Yna from kelas mengaji - Sent Yna to my parent's - Run to the studio again. I

My route today - Bukit Antarabangsa to Taman Dagang to Galaxy to Sri Rampai to Bukit Antarabangsa to Wangsa Maju to Bukit Antarabangsa to Taman Dagang to Galaxy.............betul - betul kepenatan. I was on the wheels a lot today. Not liking it one bit. Sepatutnya lepas studio time I'll have to go and fetch the kids and go home with me but I don't think that it's wise to let Yna stay up late on a school nite so I called MP and asked him to help out. I asked him to fetch the kids at my parent's place after solat Maghrib. Badan I memang tak larat sangat dah. Am so not used to this routine................

Malam kat studio sampai pukul 10 coz Cikgu Shahrol ada kelas vokal dengan student.

A note for me : Hectic & tired but my spirits are high & happy :-)

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