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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OK & Then Not OK.....

We went to Jusco Alpha Angle the other day...........MP nak makan kat Johnny's. We didn't have steamboat today but just white rice with some dishes. Had Spicy Seafood , Prawn Green Curry & BBQ Chicken Wings. MP had Thai Chicken Rice.

It was a pretty good day for us. No arguments , no gadoh-gadoh just makan and went home later.

MP had the Banana Split all to himself *ow yeah!* & Adriel had half portion of chicken rice. He's really eating now.

Couple of days later........

I had to stay on till 6pm at the studio coz there's few people coming for class registrations. MP pun ada kerja kat office. Earlier he called asking me if I wanted some briyani for dinner or not and I said OK. Later when work's done , I fetch the kids & on the way home I called MP asking him if dia dah beli briyani ke belum , nasib baik dia belum beli........changed my mind , I nak makan Nasi Kukus with Ayam Goreng........beli dekat Riverdale Apartment , BA.

We all got home , kelolakan anak-anak dulu...........semua OK.

Then MP kata dia nak makan & suruh I saji-kan briyani yang dia beli. I turun ke dapur & took a plate and salin-kan briyani kambing yang MP beli to the plate.........letak-kan kuah kari sikit & took it upstairs coz MP nak makan depan TV.

Now,,,,,,disaster strikes!.........Bila MP keluar dari bilik and saw the briyani , dia terus marah-marah I saying that I tak patut saji-kan the briyani to him semua sekali........too much.....then he went on complaining saying that untuk orang I akan saji elok-elok , untuk suami sendiri I tak peduli. I was like.....apahal ni? Apa salah yang I buat? Kok ye pun banyak sangat.....tak boleh ke dia cakap elok-elok and ask me to reduce it..........he then stormed off to the kitchen , I followed him and said......"you are mad at me like this because I put a pack of briyani in a plate?".......dari dapur dia tempik kat I......."hah....jawab! jawab!....".

By the time I sampai dapur , I asked him again........"what is the big problem here" , he answered with all the unpleasant tone and all........blaming me , sejak ada company , letak nasi banyak sangat , tak peduli suami...........all these phrase in one sentence! He scraped some briyani off the plate that I originally saji-kan untuk dia and put the amount that he wanted into another plate and off he went upstairs. Ada lah lagi yang dia ngomelkan.........memang I nak ikut dia naik atas & nak jawab balik but.............I stopped , while switching off the kitchen light , I recited the "Inna lillahi wa inna lillah hiroji'un......" instead. Took a deep breath,,,,,,,knowing kalau I jawab....sure gadoh besar & he'll end up not eating his food at all. I tak nak dia bazirkan makanan sebab bergaduh. Dia memang favourite biar-kan tak jamah makanan sebab nak besar-kan ego dia tu. I just tahan diri I dari jawab balik. I sat on the steps downstairs , in the dark & wept & pray to God for............hahhhhh! prayed for something that I really wanted , so much.

Peeps......the original plate that I served MP and that was how much briyani he left after scrapping away the amount of briyani he wanted to another plate. You tell me if I should be scolded or not?

A note for me : God , please take me to him.


  1. Memang tak patut, Kak Rima. Hehe.. Sikit sangat baki dalam pinggan asal tuh. Ntah2 Mp nak tambah lagi, tapi segan dah. Hehe.. Sabar ye.. Besar pahala tu.. I know u are a strong women! ; )

  2. darling...
    sedih bila diperlakukan demikian..
    i respectlah u sangat sabar..
    my hubby pun hangen juga..
    tapi, this MP lagi hangen..bukan hangen dah ribut taufan terus...

    sabar ek...

  3. Pnut dear..........

    You know what.......I dah tak rasa sedih dah. I didn't cry because of sedih , I cried because I can't wait to be somewhere else....changes. Yes dear.......kalau I tak sabar , dah lama tsunami....hehehe!

  4. Ayu dear....

    Hehehe! memang pun nak tambah.....tapi ego. ending-nya buang je balance briyani yang cenonet tu. Sikit sangat yang dia buang , ingatkan banyak sangat.......memang kalau ikut setan.....entah laa apa jadi sebabkan hal briyani ni.....