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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Mate Opened A Slimming Centre : Slimlife Heaven

So many things happened over the weekend & this week. Tomorrow is Friday and I wanna update as much post as I can. Picture tale je lah........

Few weeks ago my school mate Datin Sri Zakiah aka Zack to us all *Yes we still call her Zack & she doesn't mind one bit* sent me a personal sms inviting me to attend the grand opening of her slimming centre situated at #5 Jalan Ampang Hilir. Last Sunday I called Normi telling her that I would like to convoy with her , Nik & Bobby to Zack's slimming centre. FYI , Normi - Nik - Bobby.......we're all school mates.

Arrival of dear Harry *in shades* & Ainon......also my school mates.

Registration time. Siap kena kasi number IC lagi......kat belakang *in green* , Bobby....tengah lapar ya amat. Yang berdiri kat tepi tu *in blue* is the new proud owner of Slimlife Heaven.

We got a special tour of the slimming centre..........banyak bilik yang kena melawat for various kinds of treatments. Macam-macam high-tech equipments used to shed the kilo away........The place is very comfy.

Zack's the model of Slimlife Heaven.

Hmmmmm.........this is the best part. The food overshadowed the slimming campaign,,,,,,,,totally! Well , for us at least. Hehehe! We always had a good time with fellow St. matter what occasion,,,,,,gelak , gelak , gelak. Good to know that I have these friends around me. Kaya ke , miskin ke , dah kahwin ke , cerai ke , single ke........we're there for one another and we don't let fame , money & unsur-unsur negative gets in our way.....our friendship is numero uno.

After calculating the amount of cash needed for me to be as slim as Zack,,,,,,,,,errr........kena buat bank loan siol! Boleh beli rumah! There's this super fat buster machine at the centre yang sekali tenyeh kat badan je boleh hilang few inches.......cost RM1000 for just 1 short session! So , kalau badan bulat everywhere macam I ni,,,,,,,,,,1 sessi mana cukup. 30 session pun belum tentu boleh hilang lemak-lemak suci yang dah bertahun-tahun bermastautin di badan bulat ini.....hmmmm.....Zack said that she loves the treatments she did at the slimming centre she went to so much that she finally decided to open her own using the same products & technologies. Now she can go for free treatments everyday......lucky her that her dear hubby is all up for it. Millions of ringgits invested I'm sure.

Before we for the blog. Friends forever.

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  1. Wow! I woud opt for this centre! My collegues went there and lost a few inches just in 3 weeks! And yet, after 1 year, she still can maintain the result... I will follow the steps ...