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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lunch With Sis Nita @ Oasis Japanese Restaurant

Thursday - 14th January

Hari tu jumpa Sis Nita kat Galaxy kejap je , tak cukup. So today am seeing her again for lunch. Dapat lah berborak lama sikit sebelum masing-masing pergi ambil anak-anak kat sekolah.

Promised to wait for Sis Nita at the lobby of Flamingo Hotel at 1pm. Biasa lah , sini Arab sesaja. Masa I sampai ada 1 guy duduk kat table sebelah I. Dia dok tertengok-tengok sampai I rasa tak comfortable. Entah dia ingat I ni call girl ke apa tengah tunggu client........choi! Then 2 lagi kawan dia datang.....depa dok terpandang-pandang.....Sis Nita pulak tak sampai lagi.......Uwaaaa.....

I buat bodoh & started to take my own pics......lantak lah depa nak cakap I sewel ke apa.....asyik dok ter-snap sana , pusing sini....hehehe! Finally I nampak Sis Nita sampai........I pun bangun nak pergi kat Sis Nita but stopped and looked back at the guys. They were looking at me........Sorry guys , my sis is here,,,,,,,and no , you lost your not a hooker , duhhhh!

Had lunch here today.

I've eaten here before tapi tak perasan pulak yang they have Western & Malaysian food added at the back of their menu.

For starter , Temaki.

We had Oysters fried in a batter , it's so crunchy. It came with some salad & creamy tofu with mushroom. Delicious.

We also had Yasai *Vegetable* Tempura. I love veggie tempura. It's so good. I can eat a whole lot of it. The Grilled Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce was good too.

A note for me : Lunch was great today. The company was lovely too. Meeting another girlfriend after this............where? Next post.

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