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Monday, January 11, 2010

Food Food Food.....

Last week memang banyak makan kat luar.......sikda masa molah barang makan di rumah.

One of the days , I took Yna for lunch at Mango Chili's , Wangsa Walk after school. Ordered the usual plus this fried fishcake.......not bad. Thai food is always good.

Lately I've been craving for Iced Peach Tea! Tak kira laa , yang dalam botol ke , tin ke.....yang kat food court ke......janji peach tea. At home I use BOH's peach tea sachets and enhanced this favourite drink of mine with slices of peaches with loads & loads of ice! Been 2 weeks already that I quench my thirst with peach teas......

Last week after my studio time , Kak Lizza called me saying that she & hubby wanted to come over to the house to talk to MP. So after fetching my kids at my parents *around 9pm-ish*, I drove up to Bukit Antarabangsa and stopped to tapau some satay for my guests *and my dinner as well*. Sampai rumah , terus kelolakan meja makan......tak sempat naik atas nak tukar baju ke apa.......nak wee wee pun tak sempat.

The next day , masih ada lagi satay from last night.......I balik dari studio pun dah malam and I memang malas nak singgah mana-mana to buy food as I was so tired but I was hungry. After I freshen up , went down to the kitchen and took out the left over satay & condiments. Stripped the satay into a hot wok & fry 'em without oil.

Then I added all condiments , the kuah satay - nasi himpit - cucumber & onions in to the wok......and stir fry 'em all together.

The end result.......Satay Goreng. Of course it's delicious.....

Went to Kluang Station at Tesco Ampang for lunch over the week end........ingat nak shopping sikit kat Tesco tapi baru tahu yang Tesco dah tak supply plastic bags to put all the goods we buy.......hmmmm............It's good that they're imposing the usage of recycle shopping bags & what nots but we were not ready for it that day. With Adriel tagging along time lah. So we ended just having lunch there & went home.

Kluang Station pun dah ada menu baru.........lama tak makan sini. Yna had Nasi Lemak with Ayam Merah. MP had Nasi Ayam.

I had Nasi Goreng Sambal......

Since Adriel dah boleh makan macam-macam........he had half portion of plain nasi ayam. Yna,,,,,,,hmmmm.......telur separuh masak 2 biji some more!

Dessert time.........I shared this roti canai with kaya & condensed milk with my hungry daughter..........kenyang gilerrrrrrrrrrr! Nite comes , different story.............hmmmm.........makan lagi....hehehe!

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