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Monday, January 4, 2010

First Choir Job

Walaupun studio belum siap 100% , we've started operating last December 30th. We got a job to teach a choir group in Putrajaya. We've got a long term contract with them. Alhamdulillah. A good day , a good start for me & Kak Siti. So today we headed to Putrajaya and had a quick lunch at Domino's Pizza somewhere in Putrajaya.......errr......don't ask me where coz I'm totally lost when it comes to Putrajaya. Seriously , I don't where I was that day.

Kak Siti mahir jugak area Putrajaya ni........naturally lah,,,,,coz dia banyak mengajar choir kat goverment department kat sini. Hari ni , Kak Siti mengajar kumpulan choir Kementerian Sains Teknologi & Inovasi. They have to polish up on their ministry song. Tapi nasib baik tak perlu buat voicing lagi. the next few weeks , it will definitely be my duty to do the vocal arrangements. Mula laa I kena ting tong ting tong piano balik. Selalunya kalau I assist Kak Siti mengajar , I'll prepare the musical part of it & Kak Siti will just teach the choir group. Honestly , lagu pun I belum pernah dengar lagi tapi Kak Siti dah pernah dengar. Hari Selasa ni ada kelas , sempat lagi........

Singkatan for the ministry , MOSTI...........

That Encik Danial giving his opening speech plus telling the choir group of what's been installed for them in the coming months.......

Kak Siti's first day teaching MOSTI's Choir Group.

First day dengan Puan Siti Hajar,,,,,,,,,takut-takut nak keluar suara. Tengok laa,,,,,,,kelas yang ke 70 nanti.......mesti tak boleh diam......hehehe! Hopefully , lepas ni banyak lagi choir groups for us.........Insya'allah.

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