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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dumb Cooking : Fried Kuey Teow

Call it whatever you what........Char Kuey Teow , Ipoh Char Kuey Teow , Taiping Fried Kuey Teow , Penang Fried Kuey Teow , Kuey Teow's basically has the same ingredients.

My Papa makes delicious Kuey Teow Kerang. It's one of his specialties. I remembered an old actor buddy ND Lala used to praise my dad's fried kuey teow. He'll regularly asked my dad to cook it and he'll come to my house with few friends for my dad's fried kuey teow.

My family are all fried kuey teow eaters! My baby brother can really eat them , you won't believe it if you see the amount of kuey teow he ate every time my dad were to cook it at home! For me , my brother , my dad & my mom...........5 packets of kuey teow is considered normal.

Today am making fried kuey teow , my version of course....hehehe! I listed down things for MP to buy coz he's going to Tesco. I was too tired to follow him or to go out of the house. Nak duduk rumah je. Bila MP balik , dia tak beli kerang!!!!!! Dia kata tak de.........dia gasak ganti beli daging.....uwaaaaaa!!!! I nak buat kuey teow kerang...........

Aiyoooo! Kena jugak keluar. I told MP that I nak pergi Giant BA beli kerang , dia dah mengomel sebab mula-mula dia ingat I nak suruh dia pergi Giant. When I told him that I'm going , he said.......kan ke dah ada udang , ada daging..........tak nak....tak nak...........nak kerang jugak......hehehe!

Core ingredients , cockles! Some prawns , beansprouts & chives.

Seasonings , eggs & kuey teow.

Heat some oil , fry chopped garlic & chili paste till fragrant then add prawns.......

Then in goes the kuey teow and add dark & light soy sauce to it & mix well.

Next , in goes beansprouts , chives & cockles.........fry & mix well , then take
some kuey teow aside.

Time for the eggs! It's always wise to crack one egg at a time.......Hey! It's my first time cracking a twin eggs. Add some oil to the wok & add eggs into the wok. I used 10 eggs for 2 packets of kuey teow.

When eggs is half cooked , add the remaining kuey teow to the wok......

Mix 'em well..............there you go..........Hoe sek aaa!

Owh! Yeah!......A huge mug of cold peach tea..............


  1. wah...sedapnya, kita smpai skrg ppon x pandai2 lg goreng kue tiau kdg2 jd lembik sgt ni leh cuba cara kak rima arap menjadi la

  2. Mak ai, terliur! Esp dgn iced peach tea tu. ;p

  3. Thank you Kak Rima! Dah try! Verdict: Sedap dan senang :)