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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bra Bra Bra

Ni semua Kak Maimon punya pasal! Last week masa kat studio Kak Maimon dropped by to send Tupperware yang Kak Siti order. Being an AVON dealer , dihulurkan brochure Avon to me and I pun terjebak meng-order bra-bra ini........Kak Siti terus dapat dipujuk jadi dealer Avon , hehehe! Ingat lagi masa my mom masih mengajar kat Taiping , she was an active Avon dealer tapi masa tu intensive tak lah macam sekarang but I remembered she sold so much stuff! I love to 'paint' my face with the sample make-up that my mom brought home. Sample lipsticks ni jangan cakap lah......banyak! I've never tried bras by Avon before so I guess no harm giving it a try. I was shocked to see the prices on these beautiful lacey bras. They're pretty looking and cheap. I mean , very affordable.

The nude with blue flowers & grey lace are my favourites.....*these are not pics of my boobs wearing the bras OK......coz mine will be much more fuller....hehehe!*

I ended ordering 7 pairs of lacey bras for me to try on starting from Monday till Sunday....hahaha! Last Thursday , Kak Maimon called me up to pass me the bras.....baru dapat 4 je , lagi 3 next week kot. Guess am gonna have to wait before actually wearing them all for a week. Kadang-kadang teringin jugak buat kerja gila...........

I've tried them on for fitting purposes. It fits well & comfortable too. Hmmmm.........not bad for having to spend under RM200 for 7 pairs of good quality bras. Kalau Wacoal , Victoria Secret , Triumph........ memang laa sedap pakai but with 200 bucks baru dapat beli sepasang je.

A note for least MP tak le mengomel bila dia tengok my undergarment bill this time....hehehe!

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