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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anak-Anak Sakit

Yna wasn't feeling well since last Sunday. Monday morning (18th January) , she had a high fever , coughing & running nose. Woke MP up and told him about Yna's condition and definitely she had to skip school. MP wasn't happy with the idea of Yna skipping school. Lagi pulak baru sangat buka sekolah from December holidays and ni dah tak pergi sekolah dah.......But no choice , tak kan nak kasi Yna pergi sekolah dengan panas badan macam tu...........

MP then asked me to take Yna to the clinic and get an MC. I called the school telling of Yna's absence from school. Went to Klinik Idzham , BA........Dr Roselinda was on duty. After examine Yna thoroughly , she gave Yna a 3 days rest.....meaning Yna will be off school from Monday till Wednesday.

Baby Adriel earlier of the week.........trying out the baby bandana on him.

Baby Adriel on Tuesday , jangkit kakak dia..........he was week , watery eyes , stuffy & running nose with baby coughs and all. Poor baby............

Took Adriel to Klinik Idzham on Wednesday.........Dr Masturawati put Adriel on nebulizer and said that he's breathless.

A letter to Adriel's paediatrician Dr Nasir at Ampang Puteri just in case he still has high fever the next day.

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  1. comeynya adriel pakai bandana ....manisnya senyumanmu
    get well sooon adriel :-)