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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adriel @ APSH : Take 5

Semalam dapat early news around 7pm-ish from a friend tentang kemangkatan Sultan Johor. So today we watch the upacara pemakaman on TV. MP yang paling kusyuk tengok TV sebab Sultan dia dah tak de. Siap amin-kan doa & Yna said she saw MP wiping his tears..........huhuhu! I was hungry sebab belum lunch tapi kena tunggu sampai live telecast habis baru keluar pergi makan. Lunch memang ada depa hantar kat bilik tapi 1 for Adriel & another one I suruh my mom makan.........tu yang lapar tu.....

Yna nak makan hotdog 1901 kat cafe bawah tapi by the time we went down , dah habis. So we walked to Ampang Point to buy 1901 for her.....I dengan terhenjut-henjut pun berjalan sekali. Tengok laa MP dengan Yna dah nun di depan menuju ke Ampang Puteri.........wait for me laa weiii....

Had a late lunch at Hometown Yong Tow Foo.........ahhhh..........sedap.........kenyang giler!

Petang bawak Adriel jalan-jalan kat taman yang kat 4th floor ni.

Water feature.......I love nature & water , naturally laa coz I'm an Aquarius the water bearer.

Jalan-jalan lagi dengan my baby kat dalam ward.........

Finally time to feed him.

A note for me : Where are you?

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