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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adriel @ APSH : Sunday Dressing

Hari ni will be the first time nak buka balutan luka ibu jari I. Takuttttttt..........kena buat dressing baru. Pagi tadi dah call MP ajak dia teman *yes....I cuba ajak lagi* but he said,,,,, (1) dia belum mandi lagi and don't know what time he'll come , (2) dia nak pergi cuci kereta dulu , (3) ...entah....I tak dengar.......told him that i was scared......told him I nak tanya doctor kalau I boleh buat dressing kat klinik Idzham je instead of having to come to ER Ampang Puteri every alternate days.......he said that I can even do the dressing by myself! No way dude!

Jom Yna....ikut Mama!

Using sterile water.....the nurse slowly damped the current dressing....

Nurse basah-basahkan ibu jari before ripping off the old dressing........

There's my nail-less toe....huhuhu! Ngilu sikit tapi bearable.......nurse quickly cleaned the wound and do a new dressing.

By the time I finished , MP arrived at the hospital.......we went for lunch at the cafeteria.

Naik atas..........Adik Mok was being given his nebulizer.........

Petang my scuba mates dropped by. Abang Roslan , wife & kids just finished their scuba training and it was so thoughtful of them to drop by. Felt so good to be part of the Ed Scuba family :-)

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  1. Arrgghhh... Separuh nyesal tgk gambar2 tuh lelama! Ngeri wo! Menggelitik seriau tgk bab toe tuh! Takuuutttt!!! Apa2 pun... Get well soon especially to Adriel... Sian Adriel...