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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adriel @ APSH : ER

Photo tale...........

I angkut Adriel on Friday morning to APSH in his PJ's.........awaiting treatment in the ER after seeing the doctor on duty. Gave him the referral letter from Dr Masturawati and he told me that Adriel must be admitted.

They tried to cucuk his hand , nak ambil darah tapi tak nampak urat. Baby chubby katanya. So susah sikit. After trying for quite sometime.....they managed to poke the needle but half way and they had to squeeze Adriel's hand to get his blood to come out. Poor Adriel , he was crying till he was tired of crying. After nebulizer given , he was hungry.

While we were waiting in the ER , my parents came with my nephews Rhyan & Rhyzad. Actually my parents went to my house only to find that I wasn't in. My mom followed her instinct and ask my dad to take her to APSH and saw my car at being parked at the entrance of APSH by the jockeys. She went to Dr Nasir's clinic and was told that I'm in the ER. Clever mummy. Called MP telling him that Adriel kena admitted. Finally , lepas I selesai urusan admission , after 15 minutes dapat masuk bilik. Nice room.

Sementara my mom ada , I balik rumah ambil baju I , baju Adriel , charger phone & PSP Yna , selimut & bantal busuk Adriel , diapers,,,,,,apa lagi,,, apa lagi,,,,,,and owh! yes! my laptop! Ni penting kalau tak mati keras I kat hospital tu. On the way nak turun BA , stopped beli susu baby & wet tissues. Then pergi ambil Yna kat sekolah before coming back to APSH.

Another nebulizer session for baby Adriel.

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