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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adriel @ APSH : Chest Physiotherapy For Adriel Bronchiolitis

More photo tale......

Semalam body temperature Adriel tinggi from lepas Maghrib till dawn. Ni sessi fisio terapi yang pertama on Saturday morning.

Poor baby , he was looking at me,,,,,,,mintak tolong kat mummy pitiful.

Sorry have to go through this procedure. They had to suck the flam out of his chest............

Tu dia doctor handsome Adriel.....Bukan yang duduk,,,,,,yang berdiri tu....hehehe! Hari Sabtu pun tetap pakai smart jugak.

Ni sessi fisio terapi kedua today. First time MP attend the session. Last year masa Adriel was admitted for the same sickness , tak sekali pun MP dapat attend this session. Hari ni for the second session , I suruh MP bawak Adriel pulak. Pagi tadi I dengan sakit kaki sebelah bawak Adriel pergi fisio.

Baru MP tahu what Adriel had to go through.............

Few hours after that kena asap hidung pulak..........kesian anak I....

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