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Sunday, January 17, 2010

1st Reunioun Meeting @ Original Kayu Nasi Kandar

The last St Mary's reunion we organized was in June 2008. Masa tu I was pregnant with Adriel. We've decided to do a mix reunion again comprising of St Marian's from batch 87 - 88 - 89 - 90. Tapi seniors & juniors yang mengenali most of us from that batch are most welcome to join us. Normi will be making the formal announcement on a newly created event page on Facebook when she's feeling better.

So far , tentatively,,,,,,,we've agreed on doing it on 2nd May @ Kelab Darul Ehsan. Tomorrow I'll be going to KDE with Kak Aida to finalize on the date , food & etc. We've listed down things to do and who'll be handling it. Kalau ada St Marian's yang nak tolong , let us know. There will be good food , games , lucky draws , dance & karaoke contest *which I can't enter......uwaaaa.....* , loads of fun & laughter , I'm sure. We'll be needing kind fellow St Marian's to donate or sponsor gifts or whatever you can for this special event......*hello! our seniors , batch 87 will be 40 this year OK.........Sssyyyyyhhhhh , don't remind them aaaa.........but still looking pretty without any help from the needle....errrr.....not yet kot.....hehehe!* In short , we're all excited about it. Committee kena perform OK.......Nge-----ri!

Left - Batch of 87 , Kak Anne & Kak Aida. Right - Batch of 89 , Ainon & Normi.

I'm batch of 89 with my seniors from batch of 87 , Kak Sherry & Kak Lizza.

Meeting,,,,,,meeting jugak.........makan tetap makan , beb. Our meeting place today was at Original Kayu Nasi Kandar , Ampang Jaya *near Petronas / McDonald's*.

A must , group photo for our FB & our fellow bloggers.
Standing from left to right - Normi (89) , Sherry (87) , Lizza (87) , Rima (89) , Ainon (89) , Anne (89) , Bob (89) , Raja (89) , Aida (87). Walaupun ada age difference tapi kepala sepusat sepusing. Layan!

Ehh! Belum habis lagi..............lepas ambil gambar , duduk balik......order Roti Tisu. Panjang kan?

A note for me : Masa I sampai Kak Aida *yang benar-benar sudah mengenali MP since zaman I belum kahwin lagi*.....asked me , macamana I boleh terlepas datang meeting sorang-sorang petang ni. Hehehe! I pun tak sangka dapat lepas. Pagi tadi baru I kasi tahu MP about the meeting. Dia dah mengarok dah tapi I buat pekak laa.....Tension aku.

Mulanya I nak angkut my kids to my parent's place sebelum pergi , MP thought that I'll take the kids along tapi Yna demam & Adriel was asleep........kesian pulak nak bawak diaorang. Sebelum I keluar MP cakap jangan pergi lama-lama...........hmmmmmm..........

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