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Friday, December 4, 2009

What The Fuck!

So there you go.....I said what? Sue me laa....

Just a gentle reminder....this is my blog so spare me your unwelcome thoughts. Not needed. I choose the words that I'd like to use here.


I don't like to be rude to people , you know that I'm not such a person but when people do not know boundaries...I dislike it. You masuk rumah orang & nak cakap ikut kepala hotak you je....tell me , siapa yang suka?

I don't care & it's non of my business if you wanna be an angel or berlagak suci....go ahead *like you've never ever sworn anyone in you life , bullshit!* I'm only human and right now I'm seriously not in the mood to entertain sarcasm from anyone as I deal with sarcasm daily! Since I don't know you.......just your luck laa babe. Please respect my space. If you have something nice to say....join me, you are welcome but if you don't....just go away. Like you too , I like to read wonderful , positive & happy thoughts by others. Once in a while , compliments would be great but again , if you don't have those to share with me.......kindly leave *untuk penulisan , still I guna 'kindly leave'....ikut bengang dalam hati , nak je guna 'pergi berambus'!.....Eh! dah guna pun....hehehe!* I'm sure you will not like to read shit left by mindless readers on your blog , right.......kapish!

Once in a while , will see the black side of me. The rude side of me but I reacted when my personal space is being touched , invaded. I don't just jump or go nuts for no reason. What I wrote here was about me & my thoughts. I NEVER touch YOU. Again , I'm human and not an angel. I do have anger too. Stay if you like , be my friend if you like and just go away if you don't. I know I'm normal for having anger , rage , rudeness , sarcasm and yes,,,,,,I do allow myself to use it once in a while. If you don't have these attributes in are indeed an angel then *ada ke manusia yang berperilaku seperti Malaikat? Kalau ada......hmmmm......maknanya lebih hebat dari Muhammad SAW laa orang ni , tak yah wonder......memang tak de pun.*

I can receive criticism , I can........but do it properly if you are sincere. Use a proper channel. Call me if you know my number. Send me a personal sms. Email me personally if we've never met & we'll discuss it privately. *I learned this life lesson the hard way from my girlfriend in the States* Don't critic me openly......not only me , siapa pun tak kan suka dikritik secara terbuka kecuali those yang sanggup masuk reality show *poor thing* :-) Kalau lah I salah & sememang-nya you personally suka dikritik secara terbuka......sorry , I'm not one of them. I'm not angry sebab 'Kak Ana' tinggalkan comment 1 baris kat chatbox tu......cela lebih teruk dari tu lagi I dah pernah terima.....I'm talking about respecting each others space here.

Kalau you pergi rumah orang & tak suka dengan lauk yang tuan rumah hidangkan , what will you do? Will you throw all the food out of the window in front of the host? Will you critic her cooking? Will you stay away and make excuses not to eat the food. I don't have to tell you what to do , you have brains and you can think what's best for you. At the end......we must learned to respect others no matter how small the situation is. In this case , a short comment left in a chatbox......still that chatbox is a space that's pasted on my blog......naturally , it's mine. So theory-nya sama in whatever we do........when we are in a place that is not ours , we have to oblige to its rules & regulations. Like it or not. *Aiyoooo.......tak pasal-pasal kena tulis post pasal respect*

Hahhh! There goes my day.....WTF!


  1. salam kak rima,
    kenapa marah sgt nih.. dont let that person gets to you..

  2. salam dina.... i said , am not angry with that particular person but i don't like people *unknown pulak tu* to just come & disturb me & my privacy. u would feel the same as well :-) take care babe.

  3. alamakk..ini betol2 dah marah ni. tapi betol la tu.. kadang2 ada je jenis orang yang perangai mcm tu rima... jenis yang suka menyakitkan hati orang. anyway.. sabar tu memang boleh sabar tapi kalo dah melampau2 harus la kena hambur jugakkan. apapon be cool ye.. biarkan orang mcm tu dengan peelnya..kita ni orang2 baik, jangan layan orang mcm tu. cool babe! have a nice day ahead...

  4. hye sis..whoa!!!i baca post ni dengan penuh perasaan..kdg2 i pun pelik, apesal people juz like to meddling in other people's businesses. pretending like they are good enuf. tak de manusia yg perfect. yes saling menegur tu mmg dituntut. kalau niat baik, cara penyampaian tu salah, sampai boleh mengaibkan org pulak, wut for kan. hurm, if tis happen to me, i pun akan rase piss off jugak..

  5. hai kak rima..
    hoping that u feel better now.. :)
    i used to have this kinda experience dulu.
    cakap apa je yg dia nk ckp.. tanpa pikir yg dia sendiri yg xmalu dtg tempat org tp komen itu ini.

    and i bet dia tau sesangat yg u are not in a god mood and condition beberapa ari nih.. so cecepat dia nk spoilkan lagi your mood.

    biar je. i mean bukan biar diamkan je (well u've shown that whatever the thing is, u still kena explain something siap kena ajar cemana nk respect org kan hahahaa sian org tu maybe dia xpenah diajar kot)..
    and lepas kita dh puas ati ckp apa yg kita nak di tempat yg kita ada hak kita, then lantak la dia nk ckp ape lg kan.
    yes maybe dia berjaya guriskan ati kita.. tp bukan dia yg tentukan kebahagiaan kita.

    tcare akak

    - nin