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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tengok Wayang Lagi

Hari Selasa lepas I pergi tengok My Spy lagi dengan Yna. I tengok kat MBO Galaxy Ampang.

Sampai Galaxy movie pukul 1:30pm baru je start so we bought tickets for the 3:30pm show. Had lunch there and pusing-pusing dalam Galaxy tu dengan Yna. Esok ada appointment nak jumpa Kak Siti kat sini lagi , nak bayar duit sewa & ambil kunci studio.

I tanya Yna if she wanna watch Disney's The Princess And The Frog.....dia jawap "I don't want to watch cartoon..." Tapi,,,,,,,esoknya bila Tante Aida dia tanya if she wanna join her to go and watch the movie,,,,,,she said OK , dia nak tengok. Hantu betul.

On Thursday , I drove to KLCC with Yna. I jarang drive keluar dari kawasan Ampang-Hulu Kelang. I hate driving. Bila terpaksa baru laa I drive. I siap tanya kat Kak Aida if kat KLCC ada jockey service or not.......the place is so big & you know laa how much I fancy huge shopping malls. Serabut je.

The frog-girls.....

....with their frog-mums....hehehe!

Pop corns.......a must!

Cute little Tasha......

The movie was very's a musical cartoon.....syok gak layan cartoon sesekali. Lepas tengok movie , makan kat food court KLCC. Puan Sri Siti Hapsah & her sister joined us for makan. She's picking up her cucu Zulaikha who watched the movie with us. We had another session of borak-borak. Memang tak kering gusi duduk berborak dengan PS Siti ni......true PS Siti,,,,,,money is not everything but we do need 'em.

Lepas borak-borak & bid our goodbyes........masuk Isetan dengan Kak Aida , nak cari birthday present for another birthday party esok. Haiyoooo.......pokai oooo this month! So many birthdays & outings!

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