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Friday, December 18, 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

Semalam pergi tengok wayang with Kak Aida & the kids kat KLCC. Alhamdulillah , sempat sampai rumah to perform solat Asar & to recite the Doa Akhir Tahun via TV1. After that recited the Doa Awal Tahun & performed the solat Maghrib........It's good that TV1 did a live telecast of this religious event for us Muslims to watch & embrace.

Happy New Islamic Year 1431 to all my beloved family , all of my Muslim friends & readers. yang jauh & yang dekat. I sincerely wish everyone of you a very prosperous year ahead , moga dipanjangkan umur , sihat sejahtera kesihatannya , berada di dalam fitrah yang tenang sentiasa , ditetapkan iman serta tidak dipesongkan aqidah setelah diberikan olehNya hidayah dan setiap waktu dilindungi oleh rahmatNya. Amin.

As for me 1430 was great. I found so many new beginnings in various areas of my life. It was presented to me directly & indirectly. I'm very grateful with my life. Being human everyday without fail I will tell Him what I wanted and asked Him to lay out an almost perfect life for me the soonest possible. I'm also very blessed with my children,,,,,the 2 bundle of joy bestowed upon me. In future , I would love to have another baby , if He permits. Am also dreaming of a heavenly Mekah nuptial , if He permits. He knows , He'll give. Insya'allah.

I hope that 1431 will continue to be a colourful & glorious year for me. A new life , a new chapter & a new me. Amin.

A note for me : You gave me this new found love after Adriel was born , the love stays within me for over a year now. I'm in love with this new found love everyday ever since. Please don't take it away.......please don't , please unite me with the love of my life. Amin.

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  1. HI kak Rima,
    Putri la ni..Alhamdulillah you sempat buat the doa akhir and awal.I takleh tapi tetap baca doa tu..sayu je doa tu...hubby pun buat jugak, alhamdulillah..I remember doing it last year and alhamdulillah takde musibah besar melanda , so this year I taknak miss buat with the hope that musibah besar tak melanda myself and my loved ones hehe..
    take care..jenguk2 la to my shopping blog ya!bila la kita nak jumpa ni..after more than 10 years kan?