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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Old Song : Dendang Remaja

Hehehehe! Thanx Atie for digging up the clip from the 80's. Ngeri kan , the big earings! the baju.......hahaha! Ya Ampun. It's actually one of my favourite song to sing back then. The song was originally sung by Raja Emma in the movie Mawar Merah produced by RJ Filem and Mak Nani was the director. Later when Mak Nani wanted to do a soundtrack album for both of her movies , Mawar Merah & Antara 2 Hati , she chose me to sing for the album. I was 15 years old then and had already started acting in tv movies produced by RJ Filem........

Thanx to the abang cantik channel
who've uploaded the Dendang Remaja clip by me & Kak Emma on Youtube. Enjoy a good laugh peeps! Go to the link below to see a 15 year old mwa.......

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  1. antara 2 hati is me n my moms fav movie..:) rima..cantik u dlm cover tu **med**