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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Favourite Song : MUNAJAT CINTA

Feeling melancholy sikit sehari dua ni especially today.......tak tahan sangat. Tadi dalam solat Isyak memang nangis tak boleh nak berhenti. Rindu , rindu , rindu.......tak sabar nak terbang ke masa depan.

A note for me : Just in case you're wondering.....nothing's wrong with me & MP. I'm the problem. It's me & myself. A conflict that am having within myself. The song reflex what am feelin' currently. The chorus......I love the chorus :-) *waiting*


  1. rindu eh..bila x dok dekat mmg rindu2..**wink** -med-

  2. med - tadi terjumpa kejap....kurang sikit rindu....hehehe!

  3. k rima,

    bila i tgk lagu ni, terus i terminat....tq for sharing...lyric part chorus dia mmg cun kan

  4. rindu sapa lak ni....
    lagu ni mmg best

  5. good for u beb..i'm happy 4 u too **wink** -med-