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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long Overdue : Yna's In The Care Of Her Tante Aida

It all started with a game of bowling with her Tante Aida. I dropped Yna off for bowling at Ampang Point and I went to meet Kak Siti at Galaxy Ampang for a meeting. I know Yna will be in good hands with her Tante Aida & the other 100's of kids that's with her everyday! Hehehe! Cuti sekolah Tante Aida lagi busy dari hari-hari biasa coz ada je aktiviti yang diatur dengan anak-anak , anak-anak buah dia & anak-anak kengkawan dia. Mum's angel......

Peace yo'all!

Hmmmmm........main bowling tapi kena pasang pagar.......kalau tak sokmo ke longkang....hahaha! Yna had fun and today , dia ajak I pergi main bowling dengan dia. Alamak......"mama sakit tangan aaa..." hehehe! Tunggu lah Tante Aida dia buat arrangement main bowling ramai-ramai lagi. Malas laa I nak tercongok kat bowling alley tu sorang-sorang.

Lepas I dah habis meeting dengan Kak Siti , I pergi ambil Yna kat rumah Kak Aida. Yna told me that she wanna sleep over & I told her , we'll have to go back and ask Papa first. Dengan berat hati Yna ikut I balik. Sampai je rumah.....I told MP about it.......MP said no. Yna masih dok mengendeng I lagi suruh tanya Papa dia......I suruh dia tanya sendiri......No No NO! After dinner , dia tanya Papa dia sekali lagi.....and this time MP suruh Yna tanya I. Hahhhh????? I OK je. MP finally said OK to Yna sleeping over at Aida's. Kat rumah Kak Aida ada anak-anak & anak-anak buah Kak Aida.....tu yang Yna excited sangat tu. Hmmmmm......baik pulak mood orang tua nih.....Called Kak Aida telling her we're sending Yna over.

The next day Kak Aida called telling me that she's taking the girls for a movie at KLCC. Nak tengok My Spy. I pun nak tengok tapi kena mintak permission MP dulu. Kebetulan hari ni MP bawak Bimmer pergi workshop so I had to wait till he comes back. Kak Aida dah awal-awal bawak the girls pergi KLCC. They had an early dinner at Chilli's before watching the movie. I managed to join them at KLCC and Kak Aida finally sent me & Yna home after the movie.

To my sis Aida........TQ for taking care of Yna for me. Banyak dah hutang dengan Kak Aida nih.....hutang budi,,,,,,bawak sampai mati. Love you sis.

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