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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long Overdue : Yna's 8th Birthday - Part 4

A birthday present from Chicky to Yna.

More photos.......

Time for Yna & Chicky to give party packs from KFC & also our personal party packs to the kids.

The kids with Chicky & Brother Fairuz. TQ Fairuz for being such a fun host at the party. the kids go to Beezkidz Playland! They had a blast jumping & running & hopping & falling at the huge & colourful jumping castle!

I had to stay nearby for water supply! Hehehe! Bought bottles & bottles of mineral water for the kids. There's popcorn for everyone too........Abang Syed chipped in and bought lots of Vitagens for the thirsty kids.

After they're done jumping..........everyone headed for some sand art.

By the end of the day , the kids was sweating like anything.......hehehe! Ni bukan balik dari birthday party ni,,,,,,,macam baru malik dari padang bola jek.....berpeluh sakan masing-masing. Yes,,,,,,,,si Yna pun sama naik.

Semua guests dah balik , tinggal family Kak Lizza , her hubby Abang Midi *yang baru keluar dari Ampang Puteri due to heart attack hari tu* & her kids. MP baru 1st time jumpa Abang Midi , berborak sakan. Boleh gi laa demo duo ni.....gak duo-duo doh nok pakak keno minum Anlene Gold....hehehe!

So that was Yna's birthday party this year......tahun depan? Hmmmm......tengok laa mood Papa dia. Hanya Tuhan yang tahu , what I have to go through to make this day possible for Yna. I love baby girl. Happy Birthday.

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