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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long Overdue : Yna's 8th Birthday - Part 2

Lepas budak-budak dah makan , time for games........

1st part of the party was handled by the KFC crew lead by Brother Fairuz....they started off by dancing to the Chicky song.

The Happy Family Game......this game is so hilarious!

Spot game......Siapa berani kasi T-shirt? Hahahha!

The Hula Hoop game......the boy in green is my nephew Rhyan.

Sweet Qistina , she's superb with the Hula Hoops!

So nice to see the kids having a good time.

Now turn Tante Aida to take over from Brother Fairuz........The Straw game

Game kasut.........oowwww.........poor darling , my nephew Rhyzad cried coz he can't put his shoes back on.........

Thanks to Auntie Normi who came to the rescue.......

My nephew , dubbed Abang Ben10 that day by Tante Aida coz he wore a striking Ben10 top won the most sporting boy & Nani *anak Kak Lizza* won the most sporting girl :-)

Tante Aida spilling all the jolly goodness.....sweets , snacks , gold chocolate coins - marshmallows & swirl candies on the floor........

Time to grab as much goodies as you can & put it in the's all yours kids!

Little treasure hunters with their bag of sweet treats!

Hahhhhhhh........many more games were played and I was too busy cheering for the kids & forgotten to snap pics. Mak-mak yang terlebih excited! 2 hours of fun packed party at KFC. I had fun,,,,,,I'm sure the kids had fun too!

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