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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long Overdue : Yna's 8th Birthday - Part 1

Event : Yna's 8th Birthday Party
Venue : KFC & Beezkidz Playland , Jusco Keramat AU2
Date : 28th November 2009
Time : 2pm - 6pm
Guests : ><50pax

The birthday girl - Pirate Princess Yna Rose & her baby brother Prince Adriel

I arrived at KFC around 1:30pm and the KFC crew were buzy decoration a very spacious area for the party. It's like we had the place to ourselves that day. Lots of balloons for the kids to play & for the adults to pop the off!

And of course , special appearance by the man in suit , Chicky.

Standard duty,,,,,atur tu , atur ni.....sampai my girlfriend Normi suruh I duduk diam-diam and let the KFC crew yang arrange everything. Hmmmmm......tak jadi nya.....nang aku kenak molah juak.

This is the buffet area.......tak ambil gambar food display :-( I bawak my own big plates untuk nak isikan ayam - coleslaw - whipped potato - nuggets & fries. I also brought few jugs to fill all carbonated drinks & Iced Milo in it. There's chicky meals for the kids to take home.....and of course , my favourite lollipops for everyone!

Sebelum bermula........kita makan dulu!

Layan the kids makan.

My girlfriends......from left Bob - Tengku Ninie - Farra - Engku Farah

Adriel didukung oleh anak teruna Kak Lizza with a lollipop in his green kat sebelah tu is my baby brother Ramos who just turned 36 last November 20th. I have 3 Scorpios in the family,,,,,,my mom - my brother & Yna!

Yay! MC of the day......Tante Aida Nasution......hehehe! Thanx Kak Aida. Nanti I belanja you & the kids gi lunch or high-tea ke ekkk........FYI , Kak Aida ni memang suka organize event. Tak kira laa event apa.....sure meriah! Macam orang-nye jugak.

Forget about the kids kejap......posing time.......

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