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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long Overdue : My Eidul Adha

Subuh tadi dapat call dari my cousin Nurhaza telling that my other auntie Che sesak nafas! Semalam jumpa dok elok-elok je. Siap boleh jalan keluar rumah masa we all nak balik. Tapi dah stabilized. Syukur , syukur.

Pagi ni pagi Raya Haji , lepas the guys balik dari solat raya........we had a roti canai & sardine sandwich breakfast. raya food this year. By the time we finished makan-makan & borak-borak kat meja makan dah nak masuk lunch time. We made our way to Taman Assamara where Che lives. When we arrived she was sleeping in her room but not long after that she woke up and kitaorang serbu dia kat dalam bilik......Nasib tak sesak nafas balik orang tua tu........hehehe!

We ate Nasi Briani with Ayam Masak Merah at Che's place. Cucu Che , Azizah yang masak..........

My parents with my cousin Rizal , his wife Zairin & kids. Rizal is Maya's younger brother , a musician by profession & living in KL. Why is he wearing an attire macam Taliban? Hmmmmm......he's different on stage & different off stage :-)

Lepas dah selesai melawat Che , we went to the hospital to visit my aunty , Mama Tua *that's what I call her*. She's doing better today on Eidul Adha. Dah boleh cakap. Between Maya , her vicious & selfish older brother Jemmy & personality clashed younger brother Rizal........ada conflict sikit between the siblings.....pasal harta. Malas cerita. Not my problem but all I can say.......I'm glad that there's only me & my brother in this world. So far , we couldn't be bothered pasal harta-harta ni. My dad thought us a lot about not to fight over harta dunia. My mom learned about hal harta-harta ni the hard way when her own aunty tak mengaku my mom as her niece in court. Still my good hearted mom gave what's hers to her heartless & very old aunty. My mom even allow her aunt to live on her land in Malacca but only to learned that my aunty had secretly sold parts of my mom's land to non-family members. Siap tukar nama & etc ........Hmmmmmm , antara kebijaksanaan pegawai-pegawai di Pejabat Tanah Alor Gajah.......My mom & her family in Malacca followed the Adat , ni lah jadinya bila orang perempuan berkuasa.......haru biru! In short , this is what you get when you do not wanna follow the Al-Quran when hal-hal bersangkutan dengan harta is concern. Ni jugak lah jadinya bila perempuan konon nak jadi ketua. Memang tak boleh. Takkan ada ending yang molek bila perempuan yang jadi leader in a man's world. Just leave it to the men. Ish! Ish! Ish! Marah nampak wanita-wanita itu......hehehe!*wink*

After visiting Mama Tua at the hospital , we went to Nurhaza's house. Makan lagi. This time makan Mee Rebus. Nurhaza memang pandai masak coz her late mom was a very good cook.

Lepas makan borak-borak with her husband Abang Mahmud. Very nice , patient & calm man. How I wish.....hehehe!

Dah selesai all the ziarah-ziarah agenda. Around 4pm , we push off balik KL. Didn't stop anywhere. MP just wanna reach home ASAP. the end of the road. Insya'allah.......for me,,,,,one day.

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