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Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Overdue : Dumb Cooking - Nasi Goreng KFC

Dalam seminggu ni asyik dok makan kek birthday si Yna......tak habis-habis. Masa hari tu I was busy with the kids kat Playland and left everything to my mom & MP to pack things up. Kalau kasi-kasi orang dah selamat. Biasa laa........I'll find all sorts of ways to eat the chocolate cake,,,,,,dengan susu cair , dengan ice cream , warm it up.......

Left over fried chicken from the party.......

What I did was.....I buang kulit ayam tu and keep it in the freezer. Ada laa yang I godeh-kan nanti.

Ni nasi putih tak habis yang I simpan dalam fridge. Sejuk gilerrr.....hehehe! Nak buat NasGor......

Add a bit of instant sambal paste & dashes of fish sauce to the rice & mix well.

I ambil part-part isi *part yang I paling tak suka bila makan KFC* , defrost-kan kejap and potong to bite size.

Some oil into the wok , add rice mixture......and goreng for about 5 minutes.....

Masukkan isi ayam & then spring onions.........

Mix well , that's it.

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