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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Going Italian Today

Saturday - 19th December 2009

Hari pergi KLCC sebab nak beli beg sekolah si Yna. Dia nak beg tarik Hannah Montana. Papa dia kata OK. Went to search for the bag at Toys'R'Us tak de , pergi Isetan pun tak last jumpa kat Parkson. So , bought her the school bag , sling bag & 2 botol air Hannah Montana almost RM200 with a 10% discount. *YES - Year End Sale*

Before we went out , me & Yna had a big piece of pepperoni pizza for breakfast. Bought it few days ago at KLCC jugak tapi simpan dalam fridge. So today I reheated it back for 1 minute on high in the microwave. Sedappppppp.

Kay KLCC , we ate at the food court. Yna nak Spaghetti Bolognaise and I opted for Spaghetti Aglio Olio. MP tak kuasa nak join kitaorang makan Italian...dia tetap anti klimaks.....he had Mee Kari instead....hehehe!

Ahhhhhh! My favourite season of the year........kalau lah Eidul Fitri semeriah ini di shopping-shopping kompleks , lampu-lampu & dekorasi yang mega extra cantik di jalanraya , pokok-pokok dan bangunan........balik-balik ketupat-bulan-bintang.......yang ado.......

Lepas shopping......we stopped for tea break. Me & Yna continued with our own Italian adventure....hehehe! We had ice lemon tea & Italian gelato........ahhhhh! Heaven! MP had milo & kuih seri muka......memang dia takkan join kita lah makan-makan ice cream ni........

Hmmmmm.......Adik Mok pun suka.......

A note for me......A busy week ahead!

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  1. Sy pun suka italian food..sgt simple but super yg rasa nak ajak akak makan spaghetti sesama ni..huhu