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Friday, January 1, 2010

From Last Year : Out For Makan

Towards the end of 2009 despite being busy with the studio , I managed to find some time to go out for a makan with my family. The other day I went to Jusco Alpha Angle with MP & the kids. We've been out together for...........hmmmmm...........lupa dah when was the last time we went out together for makan-makan & some shopping. We had a late lunch at Mr. Teppanyaki. 2 chicken & 1 salmon teppanyaki , 1 Gyoza , 1 Agedashi Tofu , 2 Cold Green Tea & 1 Longan , that's what we ordered. So kenyang.

After makan , I wanted to get some new tee tops for myself. Nak buat pakai pergi studio nanti. I tak beli baju-baju yang macam nak pergi office not me but tee tops that's comfortable for me to wear with my jeans. MP also bought couple of shirts & bought few pairs of outfit for the kids as well. There you go,,,,,,3 full recycle bags of baju-baju from F.O.S.......

Last Monday I went out with my girlfriend Liza *MA kat chatbox* and her son Aiman. Liza's a year junior in school. We share the same gynae as well.......we both have an appointment to see our dear Dr. Ashar in the same week this January. Today we went for lunch at Bora Ombak. After lunch I dragged Liza to the studio for a while as I wanna leave some files there. Kak Siti was there with her friend as well. Lepak-lepak kejap and we went off.

We went off to the amusement floor coz Liza wanted to buy some pop corns. Took the kids main-main kejap kat situ. This is cool,,,,,,the Ferris Wheel. Boleh pusing manually dengan tangan je. Siap boleh pas-pas pop corn lagi.....hehehe!

Time balik singgah kat Giant BA kejap. Both of us nak beli barang dapur sikit. Liza nak masak lemak tempoyak dengan ikan sekeping dia tu....huhuhu.....*cukup ke babe* and I wanted to make a fish & chips dinner.

When I got back , I told MP that I tak nak ikut dia pergi hantar Yna to dance class coz I nak prepare dinner. Plus Liza *yang baru balik dari ber-cu-ti di Pangkor , jelaous I....hokkey....* nak datang rumah malam ni. Dia nak drop by hantar satay ikan yang I kirim & ikan masin.......

Lega dapat relax kat rumah...........baru 4-5 hari sibuk kat luar,,,,,,,I miss being home already. Hai.....entah lah.....
Focus.....focus.....the purpose of having this studio is for me to?........OK OK.....Harrrrgggggggghhhh!

A note for me : Singing Radja's "Aku Ada Kerna Kau Ada"

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  1. Hi there....

    Haven't been here since you blocked the site with password..
    today saja2 google looking for roti berliner info AGAIN!! (no luck with them.. few times went there closed) & to my surprise ur blog is open for public viewing now...

    Wat happened & wat made u changed ur mind??? nak selak kisah the past few months tak larat.. login sekejap je ni... got movie to catch.. heheh