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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Just See Lah What I've Cooked

Ni laa breakfast tray untuk hari-hari yang malas.......some bread with Kaya-PB&J *assorted jam flavours-Butter *kat dalam fridge lagi*

Hari ni nak masak Kari Udang , Yna nak makan. Semalam pergi Giant dia suruh beli udang. Ikut kan je lah , kadang buntu nak masak apa. Tengok laa tu , sekarang bukan baju je ada size S,M,L,XL.......udang pun dah pakai size siol.....hehehe!

Here goes my Prawn Curry.......In a pot , in goes some cooking oil-rempah kari udang-cili paste-bawang merah-bawang putih & daun kari. Heat on and as the curry mixture get dryer , add some water to it and keep on stirring the spices.

Bila spices dah masak & mendidih add potatoes & more water into the pot. Add some asam jawa paste & salt to taste. Biar sampai kentang empuk.........meantime , I masak nasi. Selamat.

Bila kentang dah empuk , I masukkan udang.....

Langsung masukkan 2 kotak santan *as am making a thick Prawn Curry* , sepeket kerisik , cili hijau & cherry tomatoes. Wait till the gravy mendidih again........that's it. Siap.

Yehaaa.....all in the family are prawn eaters. So for today , I letak 40 ekor udang for me , Yna , MP & my mom.....nyum! nyum! nyum! Kalau kat kedai kena berkira-kira bila nak makan udang........kat rumah.......muai makan.

Next , goreng telur je....telur-bawang-oyster sauce.

This is fast.....Lunch is ready.

The day before I made mushroom soup using Grey Oyster Mushrooms. Just rinse it & I don't bother cutting it , just put the mushrooms in whole.

Super duper fast......tumis bawang merah & garlic......add a bit of water *sebab I can't stand the merecik-recik ke tangan* , add udang kering.........add some crushed black pepper.

Let it simmer for a while then add mushrooms.......

Add some cut red chilies & more water.........and salt to taste. Tunggu sampai kuah mendidih.

Take 5 , posing kejap......hehehe!


Sup dah nak goreng ikan terubuk masin. Potong kecil-kecil & then goreng laaa.....apa lagi nak buat...hehehe!

Garnish with some lime - shallots & chili padi.......tuangkan minyak goreng ikan tu over the fried terubuk masin. Just dashes of it , perah limau........Nasi putih & sup cendawan & terubuk masin......not MP's kinda lunch , sorry.

That's all I need for a start. Beef strips , carrots - onion - chopped garlic & ginger.

Tumis ginger & garlic then add carrots.....biar sampai carrot tu lembut sikit.....

In goes dashes of oyster sauce , a bit of water & beef strips into the wok.

kacau goreng.......& bila daging dah masak masukkan bawang besar......

Siap siap siap!

Still remember ayam KFC yang banyak from Yna's birthday hari tu? I kept it in the freezer so the other day I took it out to naturally thaw it for few hours before cooking it. What I did was to mix the chicken with some turmeric powder.......

.......and re-fry it again till it's golden. Then take out the oil leaving just enough untuk nak menumis.....In goes some onions & chili paste......

When the spices is cooked , add a bit of salt to taste & quickly add fried chicken to the mixture. Kalau lambat-lambat takut bumbu tu hangus.

Mix well & add slices of onions & green recycle fried chicken....hehehe!

Lunch for Yna & me.

Lately I've been drinking a lot of Honey Lemon drink. All I need is a huge mug to accommodate my thirst......yes!!!! very very thirsty......cold water + honey + ice cubes *loads of it* & squeezed in some lemon. Marvelous!

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  1. hehe..akan ku praktikkan bile dh kawen nnti.beli chop garlic siap2.kalo boleh beli seme yg dh dichop.kan best.jimat mase.tenz sis sbb share..hehehehe