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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dumb Cooking : Fishball Soup & Beef With Potatoes

Lunch was simple today.........selalu memang simple pun. Tak de yang extra ordinary. Today am making a simple fishball soup without using any oil. Hari ni lupa nak thaw fish balls & beef strips sebelum masak. Entah apa yang sibuk sangat hari ni pun tak tahu lah sampai lupa nak keluarkan benda nak masak.

Keluarkan fish ball dari freezer & terus basuh-basuh and masukkan dalam periuk. Add some chopped garlic + water + daun sup *daun sup ni dah nak kering , lama sangat dalam fridge tak guna....huhuhu! tapi sikda hal for me to use it lah coz kita pun selalu kalau nak masak western dishes , we will use dried herbs & etc.*.............after semua dah masuk dalam pot , heat on.

Then masukkan black pepper & salt to taste........let the soup boil.

I found this product in the vegetarian section. It's a jar of mixed mushrooms enough for 1 serving. After quickly rinsing & slicing the mushrooms , I added them to my boiling soup. After a minute.........heat off. Lupa pulak nak ambil finish photo....huhuhu!

Next am making a beef dish just like I did the other day buy with more veggies in it. First , fry some potatoes and set aside......using some of the same oil , fry some chopped garlic & ginger till fragrant. Then add some carrots to it & a bit of water to stop the minyak-minyak dari merecik kena my hand *part ni memang tak kuasa*.....and fry till tender.

Then add beef strips & oyster sauce & more water.......Beef strips pun tak sempat thaw. Keluar je dari freezer , rinse though & defrost-kan dengan microwave for 2 minutes on high. Then quickly rinse it again & it's good for the wok.

When the beef is cooked , I added some snow peas & sweet cherry tomatoes....after a minute , in goes the pre-fried potatoes.

I didn't use any salt but I added more oyster sauce to the dish as I've also added a more water to make a bit gravy for the dish.....Dah siap lunch today. This beef dish is a complete meal on its own.

A note for me : Tadi siang ratah lauk daging ni je......malam bedal pizza....hehehe! 2X5 jugak laa kaedah pertumbuhan sel-sel lemak nye...hehehe!

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