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Monday, December 14, 2009

DIY Je.....Tak De Spa Spa Nye......

Rambut Adriel dah panjang but we didn't wanna cut it just yet. Poor Adriel sebab rambut depan dia dah sampai tutup ke mata.......rimas. So , the other day MP taji rambut depan dia in the bathroom. Diam pulak si Adriel bila bapak dia potong rambut. Now , this is how he looks......Macam pakai topi keledar........hehehe! Wanna gigit him kan,,,,,,grrrrrrrrr........

Today's one of my scrubbing days. Dalam bilik air.......takat ni je laa boleh tunjuk pun.......kang lebih-lebih......lain pulak jadinya.

Since I scrub my face once a month.......this is what I will normally do. First I'll scrub my face with St. I'ves *been using it since form 5 kalau tak silap* and then gently re-scrubbed my face with Olay. The beads are milder. Yes , I don't scrub often , sebulan sekali.....

I'll use these 2 products together , once,,,,,every 2 weeks. For light scrubbing & to cleanse my face after that.

This is for my daily use......itu pun kalau I ada pakai make-up. Kalau hari-hari yang I tak keluar , duduk rumah je.......I tak guna langsung , just cuci muka dengan air je. Air is always the best.

My daily body last bottle. Sayangnya nak guna......I've been searching high & low for it tapi masih lagi tak jumpa. Hmmmmm.........the last I bought was at Giant BA. Masa tu kat Guardian BA pun ada. Sekarang elek. Mana laa nak cari ni. Nak kena pergi Mydin kot kot ada.......

While searching for my Franch Oil Body Shower.......I saw this product by Olay on TV. Terus the next day I pergi cari. I've been waiting for Olay's body products for so so baru keluar. I remembered in the early 90's , I watched the Movie "Richie Rich". There's a scene in the movie where Richie's billionaire mom was stranded on a lifeboat in the ocean.......she said if she make it home , she'll soak her body in Oil Of Olay......I was like....Oil Of Olay is used by the rich people???? Wow.......since then , I knew that Olay is indeed a very rich & luxurious product. It may be a lot cheaper that those other branded names used in Spa's but ..........Olay was in the market way before products yang baru-baru sekarang ni. Took more than 15 years for Olay's body products to hit Malaysia........hmmmmm......saborrr je lah.....

I bought 2 products . a body shower & a body scrub.........ahhhhhhh! So I can use the brown Olay alternately with my Franch Oil Body Shower and the blue Olay for my weekly body scrubbing. Nice!

Since using Implanon , I don't know what's wrong with my body & hormones......At one point I had loads of dandruff. I later discover this superb shampoo for hardcore dandruff called Nizoral. You can buy it at the pharmacy and you'll have to fill up a simple form. I've never had such a bad dandruff problem before and I was so worried. Tiba-tiba ada kelemumur yang keping-keping besar , kulit kepala jadi kering and when I kerik nak buang kelemumur.....sampai luka-luka kulit kepala.......I've even got flaky skins around my forehead....takut I kejap. I used the shampoo twice and the dandruff's gone! Totally gone! Don't over use it. I've stopped using Nizoral after using it for 2 weeks. For milder treatment Stieprox works fine for my hair. For my daily shampooing , I opted for Himalaya as it's a herbal base shampoo. Am dandruff free again. Thank god.

What works for me might not work for you.......


  1. hi sis rima..

    if u dont mind, nizoral dand. shamp. tu how much yek..?? m now using yellow selsun for my hair scalp but d price.. adoiii.. s size bottle pun dh berpuluh2 ringgit..

  2. aduuuuuuhhhh comelnya adrielllll..gerammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm