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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Overdue : Happenings Happenings

Di minggu lepas.......
As usual , on Monday nite.....class tarian Hip Hop Yna with Cikgu Raimee at LJ Studio Dari pagi Yna dah menggeletik dok menari-nari.

Group photos of the girls & Cikgu Raimee.

While Yna was in the dance studio , I was smooching my baby boy outside.......hehehe! Hiii.....lempang kang.....cubit-cubit pipi dia.....gerammmmm!

Kat luar ramai yang layan Adik Mok. Anak-anak Tante Aida dia , Iqbal & Tasha took turns taking care of baby Adriel. That nite , Tante Aida budak-budak ni was sorting out birthday invitations for the girls. Ada birthday party one of their dance colleague this coming Sunday.

There's this newly opened Nasi Kandar joint kat Bukit Antarabangsa , Craven Cafe. So one of the nites last week , we tried having dinner there. MP loves the Nasi Kandar. Tapi,,,,,,dalam menu ada western food. Yna tried the fish & chips. It was a small portion so she ordered another round of F&C.

I had Nasi Kandar with Beef & tried the Nachos........not bad.

2 nites after that.....we went to Craven Cafe again. Met veteran singer Halil Chik at Giant BA earlier and told him that MP's at Craven so we joint MP & his friend Din , borak-borak for a while.

Last Wednesday , I went to watch a movie with Kak Aida & the girls. Last nite Yna tidur kat rumah Kak Aida. Entah apa angin MP , dia kasi pulak Yna lepas. Ni first time dia kasi pun. Kak Aida dah bawak budak-budak keluar awal-awal lagi to KLCC. I tunggu MP balik dari workshop. Movie start pukul 7:30 & MP balik around 7:15pm! MP said that he has not eaten since morning so I quickly made him a chicken sandwich & spared him a bottle of water and waited for him outside of the house. Dia sampai je.........terus zooooooom to KLCC! Seriously , mood dia baik,,,,,,he didn't grumble like he usually does when I told him that I wanna join the kids for a KLCC.......and he has to send me there.......just my lucky day today.

I enjoyed My Spy! I was laughing from start till end of the movie but the only part that I rasa kurang sesuai was when watak Maria Farida kata something about the money that she'll get can take her to haji many times. Hmmmm.......kurang manis laa. When you tengok scene tu , maybe you'll know what I mean.

This was on Tuesday.....I dropped Yna with her Tante Aida for bowling then I went to meet Kak Siti at Galaxy. We had a chat about the studio & etc,,,,,,then we went to the management office for some paperwork about the space that we're renting.

That was basically my week , other than that........duduk rumah , tengok tv & went online......

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