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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dah Selamat Angkat Barang Masuk Studio

On Xmas day , me & Kak Siti decided to move things from Kak Siti's old studio to our new studio. It's a family affair family & Kak Siti's family was there to help things out.

Everything went smoothly........

Ooow yeeah.....MP was there too......spooky spooky huh?! Hahaha.........No lah , he was OK that day , giving us some ideas and all.......

Ahhhhh.........piano dah ada! 2 sekali! , best........Yna wanted me to play her favourite tune , MJ's "You Are Not Alone". Played and sang the song for her. Alhamdulillah , satu bab dah selamat.

We later had a makan-makan session. There's a cafe at G floor. I had Teh Terapung & some roti bakar......nyaman gilak bah....! Lama tak makan roti bakar cicah dengan teh........Petang ni MP belanja. Yay! Thanx for the treat , partner.

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