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Friday, December 18, 2009

Baskin-Robbins Says NO To Duit Syiling 1 Sen

On Friday , December 19th 2009 ,around 7pm-ish to 8pm-ish,,,,,,after breaking my 1 Muharram fast , I wanted some ice cream so I headed to Baskin Robbins to indulge myself with 2 regular scoops of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

Baskin Robbins in Jusco AU2 do not want to accept 1 cent coins for their transactions....I was told off by the lady cashier/crew in charge that they don't take duit syiling 1 sen,,,,,,hmmmmm........why?

My bill came up to RM36.55 so I gave an RM50 note + a 50 cent coin + 5 X 1 cent coins......My first response when the BR's crew didn't wanna take those 1 cent coins was......"ni bukan duit haram , ni duit Malaysia"......I thought I might have missed out on certain money related issues in Malaysia regarding 1 cent coins but I certainly didn't. I read at the Bank Negara link that transactions of 1 cent coins under RM2 is legal. Bodoh punya foreign ice-cream company.......berniaga kat Malaysia ikutlah undang-undang Malaysia. Siol je. No more Baskin Robbins for me! Stupid.

Source from Bank Negara Malaysia.........

6. Adakah duit syiling 1 sen masih sah diperlakukan?

Ya. Duit syiling 1 sen masih sah diperlakukan dan boleh digunakan sebagai satu cara pembayaran bagi apa jua transaksi seperti yang ditetapkan dalam Akta Bank Negara Malaysia 1958 (Pindaan 1994). Duit syiling yang dikeluarkan oleh Bank Negara Malaysia sah diperlakukan di Malaysia mengikut nilai muka seperti yang berikut:

Denominasi Jumlah Maksimum
50 sen Tidak melebihi RM10.00
20 sen, 10 sen, 5 sen dan 1 sen Tidak melebihi RM2.00

Walau bagaimanapun, orang ramai boleh menukar duit syilling 1 sen mereka secara percuma di ibu pejabat Bank Negara Malaysia di Kuala Lumpur atau cawangan-cawangannya di Pulau Pinang, Kuala Terengganu, Johor Bahru, Kuching dan Kota Kinabalu.

7. Adakah Bank Negara Malaysia akan menghentikan pengeluaran duit syiling 1 sen?

Bank Negara Malaysia akan terus membekalkan duit syiling 1 sen berdasarkan permintaan pasaran. Walau bagaimanapun, permintaan terhadap duit syiling 1 sen dijangka berkurang dengan pelaksanaan Mekanisme Penggenapan.

I was not wrong at all for using 1 cents in my daily transactions. Management of Baskin Robbins Malaysia should look up to this. Yes,,,,,it's just 1 cent but you need that 1 cent to make a million.

I've recently used my 1 cent coins at Burger problem.
I've recently used my 1 cent coins at Giant problem.
Once paid the 50 cents toll at Jalan Kuching using 1 cent problem.

So what's their problem?

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