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Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 Hours @ Kidsport

Last Wednesday I took Yna to Kidz Sports & Gym @ Great Eastern Mall. Was supposed to meet Kak Aida & PS Siti there at 2pm but I had a meeting earlier with Kak Siti @ Galaxy Ampang Shopping Centre,,,,,so lambat sikit sampai. While the kids were playing , the mums were busy gossiping & talking & more gossiping & etc.......dosa dosa dosa....hehehe! We basically talk about our spouses & marriages & anything that comes to mind from 2 till 7pm! MP did call me at 5pm-ish and told him that am still here. Member dah mengarok sikit laa......alamak,,,,,,,,habis laa aku. Hehehe! Tak pe , tak pe......balik nanti I'll make a quick dinner for him. Hopefully bila kenyang , he won't marah , marah & marah me.

A note for me : Esok nak jumpa Kak Aida & PS Siti lagi kat KLCC.......tengok wayang. Saja nak kasi MP marah laa tuh! Hehehe! Eh! Hello.....I bawak Yna tengok wayang laaa.......dah laa school holiday tahun ni dia busy dengan kerja je.......SO , give me some money coz am taking the kids out!

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