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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12th December 2009 - High Tea In Sungai Buloh

Last Saturday we went to Kak Siti Normala's house in Bukit Rahman Putra. Lama tak jumpa Kak Siti & family especially her mom , Makcik Ross. It was a high-tea to celebrate few birthdays in the family. Kak Siti & Abang Baharom's kids has all grown up.......semua 4 anak Kak Siti memang bijak-bijak......budak-budak U belaka.....Alhamdulillah.

Masa kecik Kak Siti's mom , my Makcik Ross took care of my mom when my mom & my grandma was living in KL. When my mom's step dad didn't agree to my mom marrying my dad.....they eloped and got married in KL. My grandma on the other hand supported my mom's decision with her choice of partner and they finally got married with the kenduri & majlis bersanding and etc..........semuanya berlangsung kat rumah Makcik Ross in Kampung Pandan. They grew up treating one another like sisters.

After retiring from her well to do job with Telekom , Kak Siti started her own noodle business......Kak Siti kasi I 2 packets to try out. 1 mee kuning biasa & 1 mee kuning sayur. Kat area Sungai Buloh senang dapat laa kot coz , belah-belah sini tak pernah nampak lagi.

It was nice to catch up and me & my niece & nephews later ended up on Facebook! Best part.........they were in my Yahoo Messenger the whole time but we've never chatted. Oh! Boy! Nasib baik I pergi petang ni.......kalau tak anak-anak sedara lalu tepi pun tak kenal.

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