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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wangsa Walk With My Kids

Today I tried eating here at the newly opened Mango Chili.......serving Thai cuisine. I tried the Iced Thai Tea........refreshing & sweet smelling with the daun pandan in it.

We met Yna's class mate , Syasya at the cafe. She was there with her Indonesian mum and there was another Sri Utama student and her Singaporean family eating there as well but I didn't get the name.

I tried the combo meal rice-mango salad & prawn tom yum. Yna had the combo meal with fried chicken. We had pandan chicken for our side dish. The mango salad was good.......the fried chicken & tom yum was good too. Pandan chicken was good as well........the food was good! With drinks lunch costs RM35........

It was raining heavily and I have no choice but to stay in the building as the mall has an open parking space. It was raining like cats & me & the kids wandered around the mall and headed to FOS. Bought a couple of t-shirts & shorts for Yna & Adriel.

It was raining still when I decided that I have to go home. It's almost 6pm. MP called saying that he's already home.........jeng....jeng.....jeng......lagi laa I mengelabah nak balik cepat. I made Yna took care of her brother at the Wangsa Walk entrance while I went to get the car. On the way home I made a quick stop at Al-AzMaju to tapau food for MP. Yup! Still raining but my man's gotta duty aaaaNyway..........

I've always loved the slogan on the shopping bag "Make Love , Not War"........owh...yeaaa......make lots and lots of love......peace yo'll!

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