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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rain Dance

Semalam dance class Yna. On the way there it was raining & MRR2 jam giler. Luckily earlier my girlfriend Liza told me about the traffic when she dropped by the house to give me some Roti Beliner. Thanx babe. Today Yna bawak gi sekolah. MP took the Keramat AU road heading to Jelatek - Gleneagles to Ampang Point. Jam jugak kat Jelatek but better compared to being stuck bumper to bumper all the way to Ampang if we were to use MRR2.

We reached the studio just on time. Sebab hujan so malam ni pakaikan Adik Mok sweater.

Yna was excited to meet new friends & to start dancing! The mat salleh boy is LJ's son. That's Sara *anak Kak Aida* dancing beside Yna.

Yna didn't know any steps from the routine that the kids were doing....she was asked by Cikgu Raimee to follow other students. According to Cikgu Raimee , Yna did well. She's able to catch on the routine pretty fast & he was impressed.

Kat luar studio,,,,,,,,mak mak sibuk berbual. I tak laa mati kutu coz Kak Aida ada. Tasha was there to layan si kenit. Hmmmm..........bagi laa Adriel main bola pool tu....takut je dia baling kat kepala si Tasha.....hehehe!

MP mana? Kejap-kejap keluar hisap rokok.......sempat gurau dengan Kak Aida masa depa selisih kat luar studio......MP cakap kelas Ballet dia lambat lagi......mengkekek-kekek Kak Aida masuk kasi tahu I. Hmmmmmm......datang laa mood dia nak buat kelakar seram dia..........hahaha! I think he's happy with Yna but he kept it inside him. At the age of 7+ , Yna did well by being a tough girl in Aikido - not afraid to go underwater with the scuba diving - and now she show tremendous interest in art of dancing. Ya , I introduced all these to her so we'll see how far she goes. Even though I had to go through the usual 'sarcasms' before Yna gets anything.........I honestly don't mind. Am supporting Yna all the way. All the way.

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