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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quickies : Halloween Weekend

Saturday - 31st October 2009

Hari ni pergi Aikido. Hantar Adik Mok kat rumah my parents dulu then baru MP hantar me & Yna ke Maluri. Sebelum naik training , I was so hungry.......stop makan roti canai kejap kat kedai mamak kat bawah Dojo. Sebelum roti canai sampai I belasah sebiji kuih Masalodeh *kalau ada cili hijau lagi marvellous!* , lepas makan roti canai I makan sebijik lagi........lama tak makan Masalodeh. Sedap.

After tak training for so long , today's training was so much fun. Standard laa.......mana boleh nak manja-manja time training Aikido. Tertonggeng-tonggeng kat dojo but it was fun. My sparing partner today was Sensei Alex......memang kena jadi guinea pig laa I. Peluh memang keluar non-stop , penat tapi syok training hari ni.

Lepas training , ambil Adik Mok and we went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju. I nak beli marble cake RM1 tu. Yna pun dah suka dengan the marble cake. Then , we had an early dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop. I opted for steam chicken instead of the roasted one.........mesti kena minta extra halia........baru syok makan.

On Halloween night , after budak-budak dah tidur , I layan tengok movie The Exorcism Of Emily Rose on Astro kat bilik Yna......MP tak minat cerita-cerita supernatural macam ni tambah pulak tak de action , kat dalam court room & flashbacks je dari mula sampai habis.......lagi laa dia boring. As for me , cerita hantu Korea , cerita hantu Jepun or Thailand or Indonesia......cerita hantu yang mengerikan macam tu I tak minat but I have a thing for supernatural shows like Charmed , Supernatural , Ghost Whisperer.......I just wanna know coz I believe 'they' exists. So last night I tengok cerita lain , MP tengok cerita lain. Dulu in 2005 tengok dah movie ni , tapi baru dapat tengok the full movie. An interesting quote from the movie "People say that God is dead. But how can they think that if I show them the devil?".......proof of the existence of God.

Sunday - 1st November 2009

Today went to Ed Scuba @ K Klub but tak buat diving class. Went to pay the 1st payment of our course fees and to get our starter kit , DiveLog & etc. My Open Water Diver Course costs RM1550 & Yna's Scuba Ranger Programme costs RM850. Tadi baru bayar RM1000 for us both. MP dah bising-bising dah cakap nak berendam dalam kolam pun kena sampai beribu. Even though I'm paying on my own and he's paying for Yna's fee , I diam je OTW to K Klub. Dia faham that I wanted to do this so much but..........bebel tetap bebel :-(

Balik rumah Yna was so excited to watch the scuba VCD that we just received with out kit. She watched it with so much passion on her notebook and she told me that she can't wait to start diving lessons. She was asking me about corals & the underwater world........We'll start our diving lessons after her 3rd term 2 weeks time. I can't wait too :-)

After we're done at K Klub , we went for lunch at Johnny's at Jusco AU2. Ikut kan je lah , dah MP nak makan kat situ. Kalau ikut me & Yna......tak nak! Lepas makan , bought some bread kat bakery for dinner & creams. Hmmmmmm.......just look at my son.

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  1. comot, but still so comel la adriel..eeee geramnya....mcm nk cubit2 pipi dia tu..hehe