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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quickies : Cozy Corner - Back Pain - Dave's Deli

Saturday - 7th November 2009

Yesterday was my mom's 60th birthday! I didn't see her but called to wish her happy birthday. I'm tied up at home with Yna coz her 3rd term exam starts on Monday. Kalau tak pantau , she'll be on the internet with MJ , Madonna , Pussycat Dolls & Lady Gaga.......Oh! My! I heard my little brother took my mom & dad out to KL Tower over the weekend.....nice.

Since I have not done my marketing *hehehe! so teruk laa this time* , we went out for dinner. We had bread & cakes for brunch. Later in the evening we went to Cozy House at Great Eastern Mall. Nak cari baby food for Adriel sekali. Hmmmm......ada 4 botol je. Kat rumah ada 6 botol lagi. Tak cukup......kena scout around kat mana-mana lagi. MP nak potong rambut Adriel but the place was closed.

The place was packed with customers. So we ordered what we wanted and the best part was within 15 to 20 minutes we got our food. Great. We all had white rice. I ordered Chicken with Dried Chilies & Cashew Nuts. Yna wanted Buttered Squid. MP was in the mood for Green Curry Chicken & Kangkong Belacan for everyone. With drinks and all , the bill came to around RM90. The food is always good here so I guess , no one would mind paying extra for good food.

Sunday - 8th November 2009

Last nite my back hurts. The upper part of my left shoulder back. Got it few times around that same spot. I can't really sleep last nite as I was in pain. Nak pusing kiri & kanan sakit. I had to find certain position then baru tak sakit. With Adriel constantly being up for his milk........the back pain is not doing me any justice. My back hurts even when I sneeze or taking a deep breath. Told MP that I have to see a doctor before we go anywhere today. Skipped Aikido today *which I'm not happy about* but no point going with my back pain. I'll end up hurting my back even more if I go.

My other half was very cynical about me & my back pain. Is he thinking that I'm making it up or something? Who the hell wants to be in pain for goodness sake? If whoever is in pain and wants to wait for weeks or months before going to see a doctor to get treatment..........that's their problem. Maybe they can stand the pain and don't want to pay 30 bucks for a jab and get proper medication for the pain. Well , I'm not waiting any longer. I don't want to be in pain. Just spare me all the sarcasm. I don't need to hear it. I want to get well ASAP! And of course.........being my partner , you have to pay for it laaa......

Lepas kena cocok oleh Dr Masturawati kat Klinik Idzham , MP took us to his office in Desa Sri Hartamas. *Yes! within 15 minutes lepas cocok , the back pain's gone!* The 1st time I datang office MP since he became the CLO here. One thing about me , I don't like to go to MP's office. Tak kira laa kat mana but I sik suka. Some wives will barge in & etc but as for me , I will never even call his office. Kalau I need him , I'll call his mobile. MP pun tahu pe'el I. Waktu pejabat , I jarang call dia. If I need to talk to him during working hours , I'll sms him first to see if the coast is clear. I sik suka ganggu dia time kerja , that's simply because....I pun tak suka diganggu masa I buat kerja or when I'm having the time to myself.

From MP's office we headed to TTDI. Hajat tu nak pergi makan kat Ikea but tengokkan the traffic macam siol.........dari traffic light 1Utama kereta dah berderet-deret nak masuk ke area The Curve tu..........hoooo! Tak jadi lah nak pergi situ. We diverted to 1Utama je. Pun sesak jugak but we were lucky to get a parking spot right in front of TGIF. We went round and round to look for a makan place and settled with Dave's Deli. Yna & MP had this chicken meal........the mash potato was so good! The chicken meal was OK.

I had Mixed Grill with Lamb-Beef-Chicken-Mash Potato & Salad. Didn't like it except for the mash & salad. It's not lamb but mutton cuts. I don't like kambing so I know how it taste like. Rasa lamb & mutton lain beb. I gave my 'lamb' to MP. Lepas MP makan baru I ngomel saying that ''diaorang ingat kita tak tahu ke yang mana lamb & mana mutton?"......Then MP said....."habis ni apa?" I said "ni kambing! I tak nak kambing"......MP said " alah,,,,,sama je lamb & kambing.....species sama jugak"....I said "sebab ada orang yang tak tahu macam you laa diaorang main belasah je.....kita bayor harga lamb not mutton! lamb lagi mahal....." and the beef in the mixed grill.....hmmmmm......texture daging burger and not a meat cut. Choy! MP also ordered a Chicken Pie.......tak kenyang kot makan ayam je , hehehe!

Lepas makan , masuk Jusco cari baby food Adriel. Dapat! Dapat 20 botol! That's 80 bucks gone from daddy's wallet within 10 minutes! Hehehe!


  1. betul la rima..saya pon kurang gemar kalo call2 the other half time keje. kita taktau ntah dia bz ke tgh deal ke apa ke. memang saya mengelak untuk kaco time keje unless betol2 emergency le kan. part lamb & mutton.. saya pon taktau apa bezanya sebab igtkan sama je. huhuhuh..sedeh lorr.. nasib baik u inform kalo tak selamanya la kena tipu dek kedai2 makan tu.

  2. saya.......i tak suka call MP coz i pun tak suka dia dok call2 I kalau i keluar. Me & MP , we will only call each other bila perlu je. that has been our practice dari dulu lagi......

    As for lamb(biri2) & mutton(kambing)......rasa memang beza, kambing lagi hamis....tambah kalau yang tak pandai sembelih & tak cuci bersih2....lamb has a milder gammy taste & smell. Tu sebab I boleh makan.......