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Monday, November 23, 2009

Opening A Vocal Studio

Thank you Ya Tuhan. You heard me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to change my life.

A dear friend of mine , a sister to me.......Siti Hajar Ismail called me up and offered to team up & run a business together. A big mishap happened and I've decided to help Kak Siti out and stand up again. I wanna do this , this is my passion.......most important it's my ticket to my personal financial freedom , security for myself & the kids , & a change of air after being in the closet for so so long. not gonna be a front liner or an artiste again but to run my own business together with Kak Siti. We've shared the same dream and we know that we have the same beliefs about rezeki which not many can agree with us.

Kak Siti started with Classicom Vocal Studio in the late 90's , expanded her business to Provoiz in the early 2000's.......and now she wanna forget about the past and start fresh with me :-) Also this week , after having our discussion over lunch at Bora Ombak we quickly agreed to do this together. Kak Siti went hunting for a place to rent and we finally got a place in the Ampang area. We went to look at the place , paid a booking fees and now we're in the midst of searching for a suitable name for our vocal studio.

Stay tune for this change of wind in my life. A phase that's exciting and God certainly made me feel that am closer to obtaining what I've been dreaming of.........I've asked God what I wanted and now He's arranging things for me properly before finally getting the whole cake.......He made things better and fun for me....hehehe! Biar lah orang nak cakap I gila ke whenever I mentioned about me talking & asking things from God as though God's my buddy..........I don't care as long as He listens to what I asked of Him,,,,,I'm good.

Will have a blog for this new vocal so excited. Why? Coz this will be my own business with Kak Siti. Only us & no other workers for now. We know that we can do it. MP tak nak masuk campur. Fine. Lagi bagus but least he gave me his blessings. He knows how I highly respected Kak Siti. He knows how we both shared the same vision in music & vocal studies. Am glad that MP didn't stop me. Knowing MP , he will have loads & loads of objection of me getting involve in entertainment line again but he was OK with this collaboration of me & Kak Siti. For that reason , thank you partner.

Wish me luck peeps!

Me & Kak Siti many years back , judging a singing competition together.


  1. all the best and good luck!!!!!

  2. I like singing - let me know bila and di mana you start and I will sign up, insya allah.

  3. All the best K Rima, it's time to live up your passion.I'll pray for your success & happiness!Amin