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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Notebook Jatuh

This is the scenario at home lately.....each of us with our own notebook! I baru ambil my old Dell from the computer shop last week and Yna's using it now. Me at my working station , Yna on the sofa & MP , macam biasa kat tempat duduk dia. If you can zoom in this pic , you can see that MP is playing Solitaire......hehehe!

Pagi tadi (Sunday) while MP was still asleep , while I was in the kitchen.......I dengar benda jatuh. Dah tahu dah.....mesti notebook si Yna. Berkejor I naik atas. Kena marah laa dia......mana I tak marah , dia kata si Adiel yang tarik notebook tu sampai jatuh. He's a baby & you are 7 years older than your baby brother. How strong can a baby be compared to you? Geram I. Then bila Papa dia dengar bising-bising.......dengan baru bangun tidur , mula laa Papa dia pulak marah kan si Yna. Macam mana benda alah tu tak jatuh......dia letak notebook tu at the edge of the sofa , pas tu mata kat TV......senang laa si kenit tolak.....Nasib baik boleh ON balik. I pun terkedu kejap bila nampak MP keluar dari bilik tidur......dia sergah "apa yang jatuh? ni dua-dua diam ni....mesti laptop jatuh kan??" Memang dengan I , I tak berani nak cakap notebook tu jatuh coz MP baru bayar RM400 repair the notebook. Kalau rosak , masak laa Yna kena marah dengan Papa dia. Dengan I , I kena bebel kejap tadi........

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