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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Gift Shopping Today

Many to update....................malas nya........tapi kena update jugak coz nak delete gambar. Ni semua I did this week. Hari ni sebelum I keluar pergi beli barang-barang for Yna's birthday *lagi...hehehe!* , I prepared some super instant Dhal & Capati. Nanti next post lah I tunjuk.

After buying more stuff,,,,,,balik je terus I mula get things organized with Yna's help of course :-) , she was excited to help anyway.

All these is for her party packs.

......and all these hadiah untuk games.

Tadi on the way balik , beli kuih-kuih sikit for parents suka laa,,,,,I belikan kuih Lompat Tikam.

Siapkan satu dulang food untuk MP.......all of his favourites,,,,,a mug of Green Tea - Mee Goreng & Karipap. I nak buat kerja bungkus-bungkus hadiah kat bawah so that's why I siapkan everything for MP & letak kat atas. Nanti dia balik kerja & tengok TV,,,,,,,,dia boleh makan.

Malam Yna ada kelas menari.......hari ni dapat step baru....susah sikit katanya but by the end of the class , the girls managed to catch up with the steps given by Cikgu Raimee.

Kak Aida ada malam ni , took the opportunity to discuss about Yna's party. She'll be handling the games for the kids. Cool.

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