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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Nite Dance

Yna starts her exams today. Hope she'll do her best. My parents came to the house......alamak! nak masak apa? Apa benda pun tak de....huhuhu! I went to Ukay Perdana area , further up than Al-AzMaju and try out this place Naly's Cafe & Restaurant. Hmmmm....kat Jalan UP12 if am not mistaken. It's a corner restaurant painted in won't miss it lah. Masa bulan Ramadhan hari tu , I tengok meriah jugak tempat ni , sampai ke jalanraya letak table for break-fast. Masa I pergi semalam , lauk dah nak habis but I managed to buy Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri 2 ketul - Ayam Goreng 2 ketul - Telur Dadar 4 potong - Ulam Raja & Budu - Nasi Putih 3 bungkus - Nasi Kerabu 3 bungkus , all for RM34.

Malam ni Yna ada kelas menari dia. I told her to skip class but she insisted , nak pergi jugak. Tadi balik sekolah lepas makan dia buat her English revision and downloaded lagu tarian dia on the net. She was practicing her dance steps. MP pun tak terkata apa. She's so into it. I called LJ's Studio asking about the situation of the class. My daughter & few others likes the Monday class coz most of their friends is in that class.......but management wanted for new students to be on Wednesday class........I told them over the phone that one of the reason why I enrolled my daughter at LJ Studio was because my daughter wanted to be with her friends plus me & few other mums was not told during registration that our kids had to join a different class. If we were told earlier , the kids would have understood. I would have understood. We're dealing with kids emotions here.........not easy.

The reason given was , there's already too many students on Monday class. Owh! Well , I understand but my daughter did not. She wants to be with her friends! Shortly after my call , I received an sms from LJ Studio saying that Yna can join the Monday class , Alhamdulillah. But I told Yna that she has to show Cikgu Raimee that she can cope with all the steps given tonight or else , she has to go for Wednesday class. Hmmmmmm.......Yna was simply amazing. She did well. She can follow the steps together with 'senior' students. Sara can cope up too but Kak Aida was grumbling that Sara tak nak buat betul-betul.......mana tak,,,,,,member cikgu menari tengok anak menari main-main mesti laa rasa tak puas. Macam I dengan Yna laa,,,,,,kalau dia nyanyi tak betul , berpusing je kepala I.....hahaha!

Yna with her dance mates.

Tonite , LJ brought her baby girl to the studio. She's still dalam pantang but.......hmmmm.......zaman dah berubah. Siapa yang nak kena 'house arrest' sampai 44 hari! Hehehe! According to MP's family , arwah father LJ & arwah bapak MP was abang saudara , something like that lah , I pun tak ingat.....very close family ties belah father MP kat Muar katanya. I remembered siblings of MP saying that arwah Hashim was pangkat uncle to them......tapi bila dah sampai generation MP & LJ.......masing-masing dah lost touch of who's who & what nots. Sad huhhh! Sedara depan mata pun tak kenal :-(

That makes former Sehati Berdansa's judge Hamzah Tahir (adik pengarah teater Rosminah Tahir yang I jumpa masa wedding kat Muar baru ni) & LJ pun cousins laa.......don't know if they knew that they are blood related or not walaupun duduk sebelah-sebelah throughout the whole season........and and.......former Attorney General of Malaysia , Tan Sri Datuk Abu Talib Othman & former group managing director and CEO of Media Prima Berhad , Abdul Rahman Ahmad pun saudara-sedarah-sepupu-sepepet dengan MP-Hamzah-Rosminah-LJ,,,,,,,what a small world.

Lepas kelas........macam biasa.....the kids nak makan. Lepak kat kedai mamak kat bawah LJ Studio tu laa. Makanan lambat sangat sampai.........boring!

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