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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kata Kelantan Banjir.........

Got a call from my mom earlier saying that my relatives arrived yesterday from Kelantan. Hahhh! Kata Kelantan banjir......tengok dalam TV it's like there's water everywhere in Serambi Mekah,,,,,,,,habih kot mana depa keluaq? They're from Kampung Sungai , dads' kampung. Hmmmm........seingat I , the whole stretch of villagers in Kampung Sungai are of my dad's relatives.

I suka pergi Kampung Sungai ni. Ingat lagi masa kecik-kecik kalau time cuti sekolah bulan 12 , mesti balik Kelantan sampai berminggu dok round Kelantan. Sedara ramaiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Dulu kalau datang Kampung Sungai mesti lepak rumah arwah Cik Minah. Kat belakang rumah dia ada sawah padi , bendang.........whatever you call it. My dad used to take us fishing for ikan keli kat sawah tu. Syok main dalam bendang! Then sebelum naik rumah , mandi air telaga kat belakang rumah Cik Minah. Masa tu tak de paip OK.....the best part , I remembered that me , my brother & my mom will naturally constipated when we're in Kelantan........why? The 1st time when we were in Kampung Sungai & wanted to pass motion , we were showed the showed the huge river right across the house! Oh! God........I was little.......8 or 9 years old but I just can't do it......neither does my mom........hahaha!

Another reason for me & my brother to constipate was because we had to drink boiled water from the well........payau ya amat coz tak biasa........we refused to drink water except kalau dah dibuat teh or kopi or etc..........kalau air masak cam tu je........memang tak kan minum. Kena tunggu bila pergi Kota Bahru , minum air putih kat Hotel Perdana or kat rumah kawan my dad Uncle Bakar kat Jalan Bayam......dulu mana ada mineral water.........My mom will masak air & isi dalam botol-botol kosong before we continue our journey to other parts of the state. Bukan mengada , tak biasa dengan rasa payau or kelat air perigi. I'm from Taiping , budak kampung jugak......tapi terma 'kampung' in Taiping dengan suasana kampung kat Kelantan yang our dad introduce-kan was totally a different kind of kampung OK. Masa tu Kelantan wasn't like it is now........sekarang OK. Semua kemudahan asas dah ada.

Once I was in Kelantan during banjir........I was shocked to see children came out of the house and playing with the air bah! OMG! And the adults will dressed up and my mom asked them where are they going......."Nok gi tengok waye".....hah???? tengok wayang????? dalam banjir-banjir ni????? Seriously , life goes on pretty much as usual during bah or not in the state of Cik Siti Wan Kembang. Thinking of it now.........true , that's how life should be.........kita kena lalu je apa pun yang jadi pada kita , no matter what happens. I cherished my childhood experienced in Kelantan & thanked my dad for showing & sharing with me his way of life and not ashamed of it or try to hide it from us , his kids. In a way it made me a better person and realized how other people can live without luxury and still be happy & grateful with what they have. It's a valuable life lesson taught by my dad.........honesty & simplicity in life.

This is my cousin sister Rahimah.

My dad with Rahimah & her cucus.......

MP.........hmmmmm..........he's a sport. He can hardly understand the language but he did just fine...MP kalau PR dengan orang , OK sokmo.........tak hardcore.....hehehe!

That's Rahimah's hubby & son (in green) with his 2 out of 4 young sons! Wohoooo! He's here for his convocation at PWTC on Saturday , graduating from the Open University of Malaysia. Congrats.

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